Pre Amp

In Stem land I was trying to repair a preamp which was not working. I opened it and I tried to find the problem. The problem was that the circuit wasn’t connected properly. I made the connection. The preamp needs an Ac input 9 V and 1A  transformer. We bought the transformer and made a cover for the transformer in the Stem land with the 3D printer. The green box was made by 3D printer. Now the preamp works.


photo 3(1)IMG_0457I

Savarayalu 8th Class Students:

Savarayalu 8th Students:

The students were seeing the pie-chart program which were made by Udavi school students. Savarayalu students were trying to make their own pie-chart for their hobbies, homeworks and for sports and for school timetables.


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Measurements with Isai Ambalam Children

The 5th and 6th grade children were formed into 2 groups of of 4(2 boys and 2 girls in each) and a group of 3(2 boys and a girl). Each group measured something different

  1. Area of STEMland                       – 170200  cm2
  2. Area of a Window                      – 10000 cm2
  3. Perimeter of a hexagon table  – 408 cm

Some groups had difficulty and were confused with the standards on the tapes. ie, inches, cm, metre and feet. They managed to measure everything in cms at the end with the help of each other. I thought they they got some idea on how to measure. Naveen and I were able to notice that they have difficulty in converting cm to m.

DSC_1213 DSC_1212 DSC_1211

Naveen and Bala

Stem land in Isai Ambalam school

7th Grader of Isai Ambalam School:

During electronic class the student learnt how to glow a LED with switch control. The students were able to do the circuit. At first without switch the were able to connect the circuit. After that they used switch and made the LED to glow.

Outcomes of the students:

They don’t know anything about electronics and today they learnt about resistor, LED, switch and battery. Using these components they learnt how to connect the circuit on the bread board and the LED was glowing. When it was glowing they felt very happy and excited. And they told they will use these idea in their project. They will explain to their lower class children.



STEM Land inauguration at IsaiAmbalam

We inaugurated the STEM land at IsaiAmbalam school on 1st March 2016.  This is our second center on STEM. We started the event with a short powerful speech by all of us (Arun, Bala, Naveen, Prathap, Sanjeev, Sundar and Vaidegi) and then Subash – Isai Ambalam Head Master, Kavitha – IsaiAmbalam Coordinator and Sanjeev lit up the Kuthu Velakku as the sign of STEM Land openning.

IMG_20170301_110504573_BURST000_COVER_TOP     IMG_20170301_110339162_BURST000_COVER_TOP

Stem Land has Montessori  materials, Rubiks cubes, Strategic games,  Soldering station and Aravindh Kupta toys materials. Children (including Udavi  students) put up 15 stalls to show up their projects. Each was in different areas.

IMG_20170301_105110908_HDR IMG_20170301_104836542

Some children put stalls on Strategic games, some on puzzles, some used Electronic circuits to lit up led and buzzer, Some made Soap Bubbles using Aravindh Kupta materials, Some children used Fraction kits to demonstrate the mathematical concepts (like fraction, angles, percentage), two of them used Denies cubes to play with simple algebraic equations, One used Rubiks cube.

IMG_20170301_105140049 IMG_20170301_105127515


It seemed children were excited to show their projects and explain the concept or the principle behind it.

Here is what everyone’s shared on STEM Land Inauguration.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics some areas that are interrelated and can be learnt together, there are many more related areas that we will add as we work on them more. But, I would like to talk about why we use ‘Land’ and not ‘Lab’. We as educators are looking for natural learning environments and if children can learn English naturally in England we hope that children will learn STEM naturally at STEM Land.

Stemland at Udavi School has made the children to be independent and responsible for their studies. The children have a plan and know what they want to accomplish for that week. They work either on a project or a chapter from a book. I have noticed that there has been peer and multi grade learning among the children and they learn a lot talking to each other. Stemland has given me the opportunity to have one to one conversation with a child which I was missing when I was taking a regular class. It makes me feel that we are equals. This culture has been built over the past year and I hope something similar emerges in Isai Ambalam too.

As a team we explore Learn, Grow, Work and Teach. STEM Land came from a wild idea where children are given responsibility for their own growth and learning. I see the children more responsible after exploring STEM Land. I also learned to be more responsible working with the children.

Its a new experience for us to work with the young children(i.e 4th – 7th Grade). We use Montessori materials to learn math and we also do hands on work(Aravind Gupta Science Toys) to learn some of the concepts in science class. The children have the courage to create their own science and electronics projects . They are also creative and interested in doing hands on work. The children here are responsible for their learning and as well as for the materials in STEM Land.

Stem Land is a place which connects the theoretical knowledge with practical experience. I used  Montessori materials to demonstrate Algebraic simple equation, Angles, Fraction, Percentage.

From my experience when I entered Udavi Stem land I felt it was the place to learn new things and also I felt I am responsible for my growth. I learnt programming in Python and in Scratch. I also learnt to design circuits and to analyze  and simulated the circuits. In Isai Ambalam school I see my children are responsible for their growth. I see joy in learning with my children in Stem land. I see project based learning in Stem land. I also see self learning for them self and peer learning as a group.

In STEMLAND there are a variety of strategy games, Cast Puzzles the children enjoy playing.
In STEMLAND the three ground rules are:
1) Respect yourselves,
2) Respect others,
3) Respect the materials,
that play an essential role in creating the atmosphere.

At the end, we distributed samosa which is always a favorite snack of our children.

Fixing STEMLAND name board, and understanding SSD

Some of the 7th std children took fixing the STEMLAND name board as a project, they started off by learning how a SSD (Seven Segment Display) works. Then they assembled the units in a bread board, but there was a bug they couldn’t power up with a 9V battery or else the SSD would burn out. To tackle this they added resistors to control the current. The other bug was some of the SSD were common anode and other common Cathode:SSDOnce the type was figured out the SSD were powered up and tested.

IMG_20170228_133631336 IMG_20170228_133626556 IMG_20170228_133613805 IMG_20170228_133611109

Inauguration STEM Land @ Isai Ambalam – Overview

IMG_20170301_104402 IMG_20170301_110853








  • We had the inauguration of STEM Land at Isai-Ambalam School on the 1st of March at 10:30 a.m.
  • We had friends and our community members and the 9th Graders from Udavi School who came to visit and participate at the inauguration.
  • Then, we all delivered speech on what we want to see and our experience with STEM Land.

After the children demonstrated and interacted with the visitors by

  • Playing strategic games and puzzles.
  • Explaining and demonstrating Montessori materials by the young children.
  • Explaining and demonstrating their electronic and science projects.

List of projects / area which the children had demonstrated for the inauguration.

  • Ayush -(Aravind Gupta Toys) was able to explain and demonstrate that “Moving magnet produces electricity” and “Cast Puzzle”.IMG_20170301_104635
  • Ganapathy,Vasanth Kumar and Sabari were able to build a “Buzzer Game” by themselves and played it with the visitors.
Co ordinator of Isai Ambalam School, Kavitha playing the buzzer game
  • Abarna was able to use Geo Board and demonstrate the area of rectangle and square.


  • Suresh was able to show conducting and non-conducting materials using an electronic project and he was able to build a “Bubble Blower” by himslef.
  • Gowtham and Yuvasri were able to build a circuit which lights up an LED using a switch in the breadboard.
  • Keerthana,Swetha,Kishore and Bala played Dobble,Pylos,Abalone and Othello with the visitors and 9th.
  • The 4th Grade children did a “Welcome board decorated with LEDs”.
  • Prabha was able to demonstrate his project – he had built a “Robot” and was able to communicate with it using blue-tooth from a mobile phone and rotate its motors.IMG_20170301_115510
  • The 7th Grade demonstrated – Equations using Deines block(Montessori material).
  • The 9th Graders from Udavi School also demonstrated and explained how to play Kabaleo , Othello and Rubiks Cube.

IMG_20170301_104703 IMG_20170301_104714







My Speech:

  • Its a new experience for us to work with the young children(i.e 4th – 7th Grade).
  • We use Montessori materials to learn math and we also do hands on work(Aravind Gupta Science Toys) to learn some of the  concepts in science class.
  • The children have the courage to create their own science and electronics projects .
  • They are also creative and interested in doing hands on work.
  • The children here are responsible for their learning and as well as for the materials in STEM Land.

Soldering with the 6th Students

The 6th std students wanted to learn soldering, they came up with simple circuits of connecting LED’s to PCB boards and Powering up using batteries. One of them had also seen a buzzer (made in STEMLAND) that produces sound when the circuit was completed and wanted to implement it in the new building of Udavi School.

The students mounted the components and applied flux and then soldered them to the PCB.

IMG_20161130_101341116 IMG_20170301_101359490 IMG_20170301_101415802 IMG_20161130_101310653 IMG_20161130_101322736 IMG_20161130_101335742

Savarayalu 8th Grade Class 20170220

The class started with sharing of what they had learned and the homework from the previous class :

  • Are able to use to ask questions and get answer in the sprite.
  • Are able to move an object using arrow keys and create a maze game.


  • The class started by introducing pen operator and the functions in it.

Task given in class:

  • The task was to use the pen function and draw line by the object in the maze game to find out whether the object is moving smoothly or hardly.
  • Then the children worked in pairs with each other and also with their teacher on the pen function and were able to draw line when the object moved.

At the end of the class we shared what was the new things they had learned and how they felt:

  • They said they were happy, joy and proud when they learn new things.
  • Pen functions.
  • Location of X and Y.


  • The children were given homework to draw a circle, square and triangle using pen function.

Naveen: I would like to be more rigorous in being prepared for the class and to check their homework.