Building a simple motor:

In Isai Ambalam school we showed Arvind gupta video for the  4th and 5th graders. They saw the video and noted down the materials that are needed to build a simple motor. First day they built and it didn’t rotate. They were sad and went back to their class. Second day they watched the video again and they came to know their mistake. They corrected their mistake and the it rotated. Siva and me explained the concept why it is rotating. From my experience when I built it for the first time it didn’t rotate and I didn’t know what was the mistake. Then It rotated. I learnt that I should never give up easily on what I work.








Leaves with 3rd graders

The 3rd grade children of Isai Ambalam School collected different leaves from the school campus. They were able to differentiate the shapes, colour and texture of the leaves. We watched a video on why leaves change yellow in colour. They got to know new words like stem, branch, root, chlorophyll etc.. They were able to draw the different parts of the plant in their notebook after watching the video. We also made made an Herbarium model after collecting green leaves and drying them in their notebook/book

Some of the leaves that the children had collected

Multiplication story with 5th Graders

Children learned to say and write multiplication and its two division story. They formed teams and each team presented their stories to the class. Here are the charts made by them.

Multiplication story
1st Division story
2nd Division story


Garden – Filling up with sand

Saturday school already started with disappointment when the hot air balloon again failed to raise up. Then we thought of finishing with what we started. The garden which we built has to be filled with soil to plant plants. It was somewhat time consuming and exhausting to get red soil outside school. Then we looked around the school and found interesting solution.

There were burnt ashes left and decomposed compost from the dry leaves of bamboo trees. We decided to mix Ashes, Sand and Dry leaf compost to fill the garden. The activity started and the children mixed them and almost filled the garden.

Getting Wheel barrow and other tools
Collecting dried leaves compost
Collecting sand
Collecting sand
Mixing Ash, Dried leaves compost and sand


Software to track students learning plan

Pratap and myself were working on a project to create a software which tracks the students learning plan. We did it in Django. Before students were filling their daily plan and weekly plan in an excel sheet. Typing in it was difficult for them and took much more time to fill it. So we thought this software would be much easier for them. This software contains weekly plan, daily update and weekly update. They can select their standard and name. Once they select their name their picture with things that they liked most in STEM Land will appear. In weekly update they select their goals for the week, in Daily update they select their plan for that day and in weekly update they say how much they were able to complete their goal and what will they do different in next week. Through this software they come to know where they are and how they utilized the time and where to improve. We showed the project to the student and the were really happy to see it and did their plans within few minutes.

Activity class in Isai Ambalam school

On Wednesday children had a sleepover in the school. On that day there was a power cut . Children didn’t bring their torch from their home. It was very dark and we had only one torch.  They managed with that torch for that day. At that time students wanted to make a torch in the STEM land. Next day they brought water bottle and they wanted to do it. We started doing and through this process they came to know about the function of a resistor , battery and LED. Finally they built it and they will use it whenever they sleepover in the school.

Math with the 4th graders at Isaiamabalam school

The children worked on the process of adding two numbers in order to make split at the total to 10 + the remainder. The children used to Abacus to visually see the two numbers and its remainder. Then they paired up with their colleague and started practicing.



Learning division

Children felt very difficult to understand what division is and why we do it. They were been explained with the fraction kit using the test tubes and the colourful beads. Using the fraction kit they learnt to divide things to number of people and was easy for them to understand the concept of division and where we apply it. They learnt division so easily by playing with the kit and were enjoying while learning it. 

Visit to the Science Exhibition Express on Climate Change

We from Isai Ambalam School made a visit to the Science Exhibition Express on ‘Climate Change’ that arrived in Pondicherry. We took the children from 3rd  grade to 7th grade from Isai and 10th graders of Udavi School also joined along. Most of the teachers also came along. Every STEM Land – AAD person were assigned 4 children so that they could discuss and explain about the things they are seeing in the exhibition. Each group was supposed to have a Udavi child and atleast a girl so that the group is balanced and diverse. In our group we learned about effects, causes and adaptation methods of climate change. It was very interesting for myself and my group as we all learned new things that day!

The group pic including all the children from Isai and Udavi and teachers and coordinators of Isai Ambalam School

Painting the clay room – Sat School

The clay room before we started to paint

Naveen and I took the help of the 4th graders to paint the clay room we are setting up in Isai Ambalam School. We scrapped the inner side walls of the room so that all the loose particles/paint came out. We then mixed white cement with water to cover the places where there were holes and black marks. Then we started painting the side walls. The children took a certain portion of the wall to paint(depending upon the height). Some also took a complete wall for themselevs to paint. Initially the children were worried that they would get paint in their hand/body. But once they took the paint brush in their hand, they were quite involved and didn’t woory much as would wash away everything in the end!