Isaiambalam children building serial and parallel circuits:

It was the second class in STEMland at Isaiambalam with the 4th graders. I asked the children to display what they learnt in STEMland. Some children wanted to play strategic games with the visitors. Some of them wanted to light up LEDs.

Then I taught them few concepts that they should have known before building real circuits. I showed them how to light up two LEDs in series. Then children built circuits on their own.

I gave them a simple task to light up 4 LEDs using a 9V battery. Gurumoorthy figured out a way to light 4 of them. He put two LEDs in parallel and connected them in series. For a 4th grader to figure out these was something special.

This is the circuit he built
This is the circuit he built

How heavy:

  • 3rd and 4th Graders of Isaiambalam together explored Heavy and light objects.
  • First students told some objects and categorized them into light and heavy objects.
  • Then in a class we discussed about the importance and use of measuring things.
  • Students got the concept of grams and Kilograms.
  • Then they used balance scale to measure the weight of the objects.
Kishore(Left) and Hari(Right) measuring the weight of a duster
Kishore(Left) and Hari(Right) measuring the weight of a duster
Sharani trying to balance weight on each sides
Gurumoorthy and Monika balancing the scale
Kishore, Pravin and Mithrasri (from left) measuring the weight of a pencil
Isaiyarasi wants to draw the balance scale



Asteroid game

I developed an Asteroid game from the python course . I did this game since two weeks .I had some difficulties while writing the codes. My team members helped me to over come errors in the program. Here’s a video on the game .I really enjoyed developing this.


Trigonometry Puzzle Game

I have been working on a project for the 9th graders. They had a small puzzle game where they were supposed to find trigonometric ratios and built the puzzle piece by piece by colouring it. Children liked it and as a team we decided to build it in scratch. I took up the responsibility and build a scratch program similar to the game they had in their text book. Here’s the program.

Children were excited and they started building the program themselves.

Two Transistor Oscillator

We built a two transistor oscillator which turns transistors ON and OFF all the time. The speed in which it happens depends upon the value of the capacitor. The higher it is the slower is the process of turning ON and OFF.

Transistor Q2 turns on first as there is now a pathway to ground for C1, C1 begins to charge with its right plate being positive and its left plate being negative through R1.

C1’s right plate reaches a threshold where Q1 is turned on. Turning on Q1 gives a pathway to ground to C2, causing C2 to charge through R2 with a positive voltage on its left plate and a negative voltage on its left.

Simulation of the two transistor oscillator in LT spice.



The green wave represents output of Q2 TRANSISTOR at node1 with reference to ground. The red wave represents output of Q1 TRANSISTOR at node2 with reference to ground.

A video on STEM land

This is a video on STEM land which includes all children’s activity. In fact this short video is not enough to tell about the children’s work and their passion towards STEM land. The video speaks more than I do. Take a look at it.

A video on STEM land

STEM Land’s first birthday celebration

We celebrated STEM Land’s first (belated) birthday on 22 October 2016 (we started STEM Land on 8th October 2015) with the children and friends from Auroville. Over a 100 adults and children joined us for the celebration. Teachers and students from AIAT (Auroville Institute of Applied Technology), Aikiyam, Isai Ambalam, Teachers center, Deepanam, parents of children and many more.


We lit candles as we walked up the steps of STEM Land.

IMG_6015 - Copy IMG_5719

Children made a rocket Kolam at the entrance with flowers and showed their love towards technology.

IMG_6028 IMG_5717


Children also made elaborate Kolams.



Ajay with his father: Showing how fast he can solve the rubiks cube.

IMG_5959 - Copy IMG_5958 - Copy

Pravin with his mother: Showing his and his friend’s work.

Agalya_parents Akalya_parent-1

Agalya with her mother and sister:  Agalya’s mother was so proud when she worked independently took out a laptop, logged in, connected to the network, found her program and showed it to her.

IMG_6093 - Copy Kamali_parent

Ashwetakamali with her mother: Showing her project and playing games.


Yuvaraj with his mother: Yuvaraj showing his project.

Kabilan_parents_interacting_with_teacher Kabilan_parent

Kabilan showing his progress card to his parents.

IMG_5972 - Copy (2)

Rathinavel showing STEM Land and his projects to her mother. She was very happy to see his son building games of his own and solving the rubiks cube.

IMG_5974 - Copy - Copy

Punithavel taking his mother to show his work.

Projects of Children:

We made a short video on STEM Land and children made videos of their projects. All of them were shown to the parents and visitors and it was projected. The videos were playing in the background throughout the entire session.

IMG_5955 IMG_5970

Different community members interacted with the children:

IMG_6101 - Copy BalaBaskar_Prithika_scratch

Prithika showing her scratch project to Bala Baskar. She drew a van by giving various inputs to the co-ordinates.


Children showing mindstorms they built to Bala Baskar.


A child showing the camera he built.


From right: Bala Baskar and Sanjeev Ranganthan playing Abalone with an Isai Ambalam kid.

IMG_5875 - Copy AIAT-2_NC SanjeevB_Monika SanjeevB_tribe

Sanjeev Agarwal of SAIIER joined with the children and played few games with them. He was so thrilled to see the children actively involving themselves in various activities.

IMG_5883 - Copy IMG_5879 - Copy

Monica Sharma having fun with the children solving wooden puzzle.


Charlie a friend from Auroville visited us and was enthusiastic to see children’s work.

IMG_5913 - Copy

Nehar (A student from Last school) playing Othello with a 7th grade girl.


Amma a lady who works in Udavi school came to see children’s work.

IMG_5909 - Copy

Bridget of Tamarai and AVAG playing Dooble with a 7th grader girl.


Other friends with the children.

AIAT teachers:

Auroville Institute of Applied Technology(AIAT) teachers joined the children to celebrate STEM Land’s birthday. Children showed their projects and they enjoyed playing games with the teachers.

IMG_5784 - CopyIMG_5912 - Copy




Udavi school teachers:


Aikiyam school teachers and children:

Akiyam_princi_snake Akiyam_principal

Aikiyam Principal Shankar (White Kurtha) was thrilled to see STEM Land’s children and what they had built. He too joined with some of his kids and children showed demo of their projects. He played few games. Aikiyam school kids also played few games with Udavi school children.

Teachers from Auroville:

Mahavir from Deepanam, Francesca of Teachers center and other teachers also visited STEM land.


Francesca visiting STEM Land.


Of course without samosas our celebration is not complete. Children always loved to eat samosas.

Samosa Pratap_samosa Samosa_distribution

We had a fantastic display of the children’s work and had a very good morning.

Electronic class for Children

Sanjeev has started an electronic class for the children who come for their activity classes on Saturdays. Children got so excited learning on how to properly use the multimeter. They learned how to calculate the Resistance, Voltage, and check the connectivity of the circuit.

In fact students learned that the multimeter can actually go bad if you don’t use them properly.

A small theory section was added to make the class more informative. Students got that Voltage and power are not the same.

Then they measured voltages of few old batteries and resistance of some resisters. A 9th student even showed how to find the continuity of a circuit using a multimeter.

Change multiple file extensions using Command Prompt

You can change multiple file extensions using command line. I had 20 odd xlsx files which I want to change as csv files.

You can use this command:  ren *.xlsx *.csv

Step 1:

Change to directory you want to change the file extensions.


Step 2:

Enter the following command: ren *.existing file extension *.new file extension you want


Internship at Aura semiconductors, Bangalore

We spent two weeks as interns at Aura semiconductors, Bangalore. Staying, food and travel was taken care by Aura.

Things that I noticed differently:

I saw people working for a long time from 10 to 13 hours a day. They worked very focused and as teams. Problems were brought together and discussed between them. I noticed that they did not move to the next solution instead they stayed with the problem. People reviewed their work often.

What I learned:

This was a learning experience for me and I leaned a lot by simply noticing other people work. People had their own style of coding. I learned to think logically. This really helped me to move faster (than before) and I noticed that logical thinking helps a lot in coding. My four main learning are

1. Never hard code

2. Make the code as general as possible

3. Comment and give meaningful names to your variables so that it helps others understand what the line does. Even it helps my own self if I look at the code after some period of time.

4. Write down all the comments first before I start coding and have an idea of what the code should have. Write it in simple English.

In fact I learned lot more other stuffs.

What will I do differently:

I will interact more with my team and learn from each other.

Other cool stuffs of Bangalore:

There are lot of places where you can hang out. Living is too expensive. There are many job opportunities for graduates in Bangalore especially Engineers.