Heidi Interview

Heidi interviewed Sanjeev. Heidi came up with few interesting question for sanjeev. Sanjeev answered her question it was  interesting for us.

She asked about Stewardship for new emerging workshop with Monica Sharma and He talked about Leadership In Action Program(LIAP).

He shared his experiance of the stewardship tools and how it helped him to progress of who am I? What do I care for? What is my stand and social fear? etc…… He shared his experience of vipaasana meditation. He shared that what he learnt from these workshops.


Trigonometry Puzzle Game

I have been working on a project for the 9th graders. They had a small puzzle game where they were supposed to find trigonometric ratios and built the puzzle piece by piece by colouring it. Children liked it and as a team we decided to build it in scratch. I took up the responsibility and build a scratch program similar to the game they had in their text book. Here’s the program.

Children were excited and they started building the program themselves.

Scratch Project 9th grade

This project is on ‘Set Theory’ where Ajay shows the different formations in sets. i.e, AUB, A∩B

Following is a project where Preethika draws a van using the co ordinate system.

Below is a project on Set Theory where Yuvraj shows us different sets visually.

Following is a project on Co-ordinate systems where Kabilan showcases the different quadrants.

Simple Burglar Alarm

Prabhakaran 7th grade student from Isai-Ambalam school.He comes to Stem land on every Saturday and works on his own doing soldering and tinkering some electronics kit. He made this burglar alarm by himself with a buzzer,clip and a battery. Then he demonstarted how it works. In the mouth of the clip he placed two metal screws . Then he connected one of the screw to the battery and the other screw to the buzzer so that when both the screws are in contact it makes sound . Then he attached an icecream stick to a thread and stuck it on the side wall of the door. He then placed the icecream stick in between the metal screws of the clip and closed the door. When the door opened the icecream stick would come out from the clip and the metal screws would be in contact with each other, so the buzzer would be connected to the battery and makes the beep sound. This is a simple and a wonderful burglar alarm.

Debugging of Harmonium Circuit

Maker space of STEM land is used for building new things based on Electrical or Electronics ( sometimes 3D). As the first step, students started to learn soldering using veda kits (soldering kits).  One of students ( Yuvaraj, from 8th grade) soldered the kit of Harmonium. Unfortunately that did not work. So we simulated the circuit first in order to make sure there is no bug in that kit design. As expected no bug in the design.








Harmonium simulation file.

Then started debugging the circuit and found the bug in placement of the IC ( Flipped). Now Yuvaraj happy!!!!.

Name Board of Stem Land

On the day of inauguration students ( Yuvaraj & Preethika) built seven segment display to display “STEMLAND” using arduino without any pre plan (fig-1). Then some of the students (Anushwathi, Praveen, Sundar, Sharmila) wanted to make it as name board for Stemland by soldering it properly(Fig-2).


In addition to that, There is another name board  available for the Stemland ( second door) which was made using 3D printer.


Alice Program

Alice is a programming which support the creation of 3D animation. Student can create a program to animate his or her own imaginative environment ( people, animals, objects & places). A student (Rathinavel) from 8 grade made a program in Alice ( find below) . He created a  program which visualize the environment of  seashore and the sea. Indeed, he is the first student who did full fledged program in  Alice.