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Second workshop on Stewardship for new Emergence

On Monday, 29th January we had the second session of the workshop – stewardsip for new emergence. In this workshop we discussed about four profiles namely wisdom, social personality, and professional From the four profiles the one that I could connect the most was my professional profile. I am now working on a digital clock, I haven’t completed it yet but the insight of being a professional reminded me to try and complete the work that I am doing. Initially I had no idea of where to start and what to do. Now I have learnt about the counters and decoders which is used in the digital clock that I am creating. I was also able to recall the Karnaugh Map which I had studied in my college days.

Stewardship Workshop for Environmentalists from Andhra

We did a Stewardship workshop on 19/05/17 @ STEMLAND, Udavi School for the people who had come from Andhra. The tools we covered are Stand, fear, 4 profiles and deep listening. The participants were open to learn and I had a feeling that the session went well and everyone learned something new and were reflective. As a PC, I would like to improve my interaction with participants who speak other language than Tamil/English

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