Project sharing on Information processing


On Monday children from 8th grade shared their project with 7th grade. The project was based on multiplication. For example 2 shirts and 2 pants with two colour in what way i can wear the shirt and pant. From this I need to look at all the possibilities of colour and dress.

7th Grade children didn’t get what they were saying. Sanjeev gave feedback to Deepak and Mani on their project after getting feedback then and their itself they (Deepak and Mani) explained their project by drawing on the board. 7th grade and 8th grade took notes and their doubts got clarified by Deepak and Mani.

Here is the snapshots:

Inner chamber concentration

~  Abilash , Murali

The  STEM Land team usually does 10 minutes of concentration everyday in the morning as a routine. This Wednesday(10/07/19) as a change we all booked and went to the Matrimandir inner chamber. We did the concentration for about 40 minutes. It was a different opportunity for all of us to visit Matrimandir as team, which made us feel really good.

Individual’s experience

“Though I have gone to Matrimandir many times, going as a team was a different experience, while leaving the chamber I felt good and light.”-Abilash

“I was able to still myself, as I have a connection with the place, it was peaceful for me.” – Naveen

“After the concentration I was able feel the peace and felt more concentrated.” – Prabha karan

“During the concentration, I was able pause my background conversations and move forward.” – Sandhiya

“Initially I felt tired before entering the inner chamber, but after the concentration I felted refreshed and focused.” – Murali

Install Alice3 on Ubuntu 18.04


Alice 3 for Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1: Install oracle JDK (download the .deb file from this link  and inside the link select the  file call Java SE 11.0.3 (LTS) for ubuntu 18.04)

Step 2: Set Path

Type this command in terminal:

sudo nano /etc/profile.d/jdk11.r  then give Enter

It will open a vi file there you type the below line in vi file:

export JAVA_HOME=”/usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.3”

export PATH=”$PATH:${JAVA_HOME}/bin”

Press Control+x to exit the file

Step 3: Check JAVA version:

Command: java -version

Step 4: Make the Alice3 file excutable 

Go to that alice directory and type below command

Command: chmod +x filename then give enter

Step 5:Run the file by using ./filename


At Isaiambalan school a project on value with Swammy Krishnan Maharaj was started last week(20190615) and children along with teachers were split into six groups each with a specific title . Our group was given the topic “True Education” whose avatar was “Narasimha”. Each group had a set of values and their corresponding meaning in terms of the groups name.

The following was ours:

1. Respect: Respect your parents, teachers, and elders
2. Love: Love your Country, your culture and your ancestors
3. Self Discipline: Discipline your body, your senses and our mind.
4. Self Control: Control your words, your thoughts and your actions.
5. Faith:Have faith in yourself, in others an in god.
6. Discrimination: Discrimination between good and bad, real and unreal, vice and virtue.
7. Concentration: Concentrate whole heartedly while studying or playing.
8. Truthfulness: Be truthful in words and actions.
9. Hard work : Work hard to acquire knowledge, skills, and wisdom.
10. Strength : Be strong physically, mentally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually.
11. Conviction: Have conviction in the power of goodness, purity, and honesty
12. Devotion: Have devotion for duty, scriptures, holy people and God.
13. Habits : Cultivate regular habits of prayer, meditation, and reading inspiring and strengthening literature.
14. Same Sightedness: Feel the presence of the divine in all beings and treat them with the same standard as you treat yourself.
15. Firm Determination: Have firm determination strong will power to cultivate good habits in order to achieve permanent happiness, peace, success and fulfillment in life.

Children were asked to write what they understood of these and we shared in group what it meant for each person and translated it to Tamil.

Today(20190622) we read the story of Prahlada and the children were asked to reflect on it by next Saturday.

Link to story : Prahlada

During sleep over (26/06/2019) our team drawn the story. In that story we captured the main thing and drew it. Whatever question we had regarding the story we asked and it got clarified by Anita. On saturday (29/06/2019) we discussed the question we came up and it got clarified. We started preparing the script for drama. We wrote a script with help of our children and teachers.

to be cont..

Group members : Saranya, Kishore, Pravin Kumar, Vasiga, Monkia, AasisKumar, Jagathambal, Sanjith, Prajan, Vimal and Sundar

Installation of Python3.7, PIP3, JDK, Eclipse in Ubuntu 64x

Installing Python 3.7

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa

sudo apt-get install python3.7

python3.7 –version

Installing pip3

sudo apt install python3.7-pip

Installing JDK

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/java

sudo apt install oracle-java11-installer

installing eclipse

(placed the extracted file in downloads)

cd Downloads/

cd eclipse-inst-linux64/

cd eclipse-installer/



2017-2018 batch children’s reflection on STEM land

2017 – 2018 batch children from Udavi had a get together. We’ve planned to meet them and have a conversation on how STEM land was useful for them and what they feel about STEM land. Children were in their summer holidays and organised a get together themselves. We all felt happy to see them back. We met them in our lab. Children were also happy to their friends again. We started the conversation by asking them “What do you remember or miss about STEM land and how is it used?” Children shared what they did in STEM land, they shared about their projects and what they learned. Most of them said they learned Scratch, Rubiks cube, Goanimate, solve puzzles and Alice . Some of them said they miss STEM land.

It was interesting to hear children sharing about their projects which they did long time back they really own the work they do. Few children said that they have chosen computer science, computer application and the others who have chosen courses like humanity and language have also chosen computer science as an elective paper. We asked them what prompted them  to take computer science. One of the child said she chose computer science since she miss STEM land. She is studying humanity and she is the first in her class. After the conversation children wrote their answers for few more questions and wrote their memories in STEM land.

Summer Scratch Course

~ Murali, Sundar, Arun

During the school summer holidays,a scratch course was handled by the STEM Land and Auro Aura Team for the Isaiambalam and Udavi students.It was a 5 day course from May 27 to 31 in the morning from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.Around 18 children participated in the first day whereas from second day another 5 children from auroville attended the course.

Day 1

The course begin with a Stewardship tool, the students were asked about their ‘Stand’ and ‘Fear’. They were all asked to think of a person they admire (It could be any fictional superheroes, but not a person they know related to friends and family) the most and the qualities they have. Not what they did in life. Children shared in groups. Once they sourced their Universal values they stood for, children were asked to think of the social fear they have and how to transcend them. Though they were confused at the beginning, they started understanding the tool and shared on the stage.

We used a performance tracking software that we follow in our school in which children will make plan of what they are going to do in that particular day and at the end of the day, they will be assessing their plan by giving score out of 10. Also they will be making a daily reflection of what they learnt about themself, what will they be doing diiferently of what they learnt.In Scratch they were asked to make a simple game where they used the ‘Sensing’ and ‘=’ operator. Later they created the score variable and made it to increase for every right answer and decrease the score for every wrong answer or reset to 0.Then they used the repeat until function to repeat the same question until the user gives the right answer. They also used the operator block to make simple arithmetic calculation like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

At the end of the day students were introduced with ‘Makey Makey’. They used it as a mouse by scrolling and played sounds with it.

Day 2

Day 2 begin with the ‘Deep Listening’ Tool. After the Stewardship tool they were asked to display their projects and explained it. Their task for the day was to make different shapes (circle, concentric circle, square, triangle and shapes upto ten sides, and mandala) using pen function.

Finch Robot was introduced to the students. It was connected to a Laptop and was made to run with the help of Brainbird using scratch2.

Day 3

The Day begin with ‘4 profiles’ tool and were given example to understand their profiles.

After displaying their projects, they were asked to make a maze game where they should create their own maze and cotrol the sprite.

They were shown how the interactive camera works with the help of an example code which was already made by the students.

Day 4:

The fourth day started with the Listening and speaking from Three domains(stewardship tool). After that project presentation of the prrevious day projects happened.Then children did their daily plan and then were asked to create score using variables for their maze game which they did in the previous day.They also created randomly moving objects and added sounds.At the end of everyday we used to show some realtime working modules that can interact with scratch.On fourth day it was Mindstorms EV3 which was built by some of the alumni of udavi school.

They built a robotic vehicle and demonstrated how it moves and rotates its arms.children were very excited and few also tried playing with the robot.At the end of the day assessment and daily reflection were done.

Day 5:

The tool for the 5th day was Judgement and Discernment.As usual project presentation happened after the stewardship session.

The task for that day was drawing shapes and calculations (addition, subraction,multiplication,division) of two numbers using function blocks.

The final day wrapped up with children making their final 5 day course assessment and feedback which was followed by a circle meeting where everyone shared their thoughts about the course.

Backyard cleanup for garden

Since STEMland is moving very next to our office, We as a team  decided to cleanup the area between the two buildings(AAD office and STEMland) which was full of bushes and thorns. We want to make sure that everyone using this place is safe as this place was full of insects ,termites, scorpions, snakes, etc..,







We cleared all those unwanted plants/grasses and stones. We have planned to build a table at the center which we could use for meetings and the children can also use this open space for studying outside if they wish. We will be covering the whole space with green shade nets and plant some plants to make it look like a beautiful garden.




















Note:-This work is yet to be continued once the summer is over.

STEM land New Building Plan using Card Board


STEM land is moving from Udavi school to near our office. Which is inside the udavi school campus.  Before moving STEM land we (we refers to STEMland coordinator, Sanjeev and children) want to have basic plan. I did the plan using cardboard. It was helped me to get new inputs from Naveen and 10th grade children. I gave the cardboard planning to the children and children organised the materials at cardboard. It was helped to visualise the new STEM land building.

Before Plan
During plan
During Plan