Inauguration STEM Land @ Isai Ambalam – Overview

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  • We had the inauguration of STEM Land at Isai-Ambalam School on the 1st of March at 10:30 a.m.
  • We had friends and our community members and the 9th Graders from Udavi School who came to visit and participate at the inauguration.
  • Then, we all delivered speech on what we want to see and our experience with STEM Land.

After the children demonstrated and interacted with the visitors by

  • Playing strategic games and puzzles.
  • Explaining and demonstrating Montessori materials by the young children.
  • Explaining and demonstrating their electronic and science projects.

List of projects / area which the children had demonstrated for the inauguration.

  • Ayush -(Aravind Gupta Toys) was able to explain and demonstrate that “Moving magnet produces electricity” and “Cast Puzzle”.IMG_20170301_104635
  • Ganapathy,Vasanth Kumar and Sabari were able to build a “Buzzer Game” by themselves and played it with the visitors.
Co ordinator of Isai Ambalam School, Kavitha playing the buzzer game
  • Abarna was able to use Geo Board and demonstrate the area of rectangle and square.


  • Suresh was able to show conducting and non-conducting materials using an electronic project and he was able to build a “Bubble Blower” by himslef.
  • Gowtham and Yuvasri were able to build a circuit which lights up an LED using a switch in the breadboard.
  • Keerthana,Swetha,Kishore and Bala played Dobble,Pylos,Abalone and Othello with the visitors and 9th.
  • The 4th Grade children did a “Welcome board decorated with LEDs”.
  • Prabha was able to demonstrate his project – he had built a “Robot” and was able to communicate with it using blue-tooth from a mobile phone and rotate its motors.IMG_20170301_115510
  • The 7th Grade demonstrated – Equations using Deines block(Montessori material).
  • The 9th Graders from Udavi School also demonstrated and explained how to play Kabaleo , Othello and Rubiks Cube.

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My Speech:

  • Its a new experience for us to work with the young children(i.e 4th – 7th Grade).
  • We use Montessori materials to learn math and we also do hands on work(Aravind Gupta Science Toys) to learn some of the  concepts in science class.
  • The children have the courage to create their own science and electronics projects .
  • They are also creative and interested in doing hands on work.
  • The children here are responsible for their learning and as well as for the materials in STEM Land.