Presenting at Sinthanai Sangamam

Presenting at Azim Premji’s Sinthanai Sangamam, Puducherry in front 500 odd people about STEM land – EBD in Isai Ambalam was a first time experience for me. The speech was in Tamil which made me even more nervous as I am not supposed to make a mistake in it because it comes a lot of baggage. Whereas if it was in English, I wouldn’t have of thought about it that much. I noticed my fear of judgment and I was able to transcend it. Whatever Arun, Naveen, Saranya and I wanted to convey, we conveyed. I thought that our presentation went well and was well received by the audience. We had teachers from Azim Premji Foundation, Puducherry visit us the following week. I learned to be calm and present during the presentation and was not worried about my fear 🙂