Visit to the Science Exhibition Express on Climate Change

We from Isai Ambalam School made a visit to the Science Exhibition Express on ‘Climate Change’ that arrived in Pondicherry. We took the children from 3rd  grade to 7th grade from Isai and 10th graders of Udavi School also joined along. Most of the teachers also came along. Every STEM Land – AAD person were assigned 4 children so that they could discuss and explain about the things they are seeing in the exhibition. Each group was supposed to have a Udavi child and atleast a girl so that the group is balanced and diverse. In our group we learned about effects, causes and adaptation methods of climate change. It was very interesting for myself and my group as we all learned new things that day!

The group pic including all the children from Isai and Udavi and teachers and coordinators of Isai Ambalam School