Aikiyam school STEM land

Me  and Murali went to Aikiyam STEM land and gave a session on Geogebra. We started with  asking children how to  find the area of the square and rectangle. Children started tell all the misconceptions related to the topic. Children told all the key word that they knew. Then i drew and explained on the black board. Murali then explained and showed step by step to the children. Children understood how to find the area and perimeter.  we wrote few questions on the black board and asked them to draw and to find the area using Geogebra software. Children learnt the unit to find the area. All the children were able to build build and solve the questions . Children also understand how many 1 cm / m  square can be fit inside for the given area.  The session went really well and children were able to find the area and perimeter at the end of the session.