AV Marathon ’19

The Auroville marathon ’19 took place on Feb 10 it had started early in the morning ~ 5AM for the full marathoners, and by 7 AM the 10 km was about to start and the STEMLand team had gathered near the start line.

From left to right (Arun, Saranya, Sundar, Poovizhi, Ranjith, Sanjeev, Abilash, Pratap, Sandhiya, Logeshwari, Murali)

During the run;

Mission Accomplished;

Some Reflections;

“It was my first AV marathon. 10 km seemed to be a long distance and i thought i won’t make it.But with a couple of days practice in the morning(3.5 km) helped me to complete the whole 10 km. We started at 7.15 AM, The first 2 km I didn’t stop anywhere but later took few breaks as my legs started to cramp. Arun and I ran the whole 10 km together talking to each other and motivating each other that we can make it to the finish line. We both completed the run in 1hr 20mins which was quite impressive as we didn’t practice much and was my first marathon.Finally it was a great experience and i felt really happy that my entire team completed the marathon successfully.”~Murali

(There was a open event organized for all age participants it was a 5 km run/walk, a lot of children had participated in this event)

“Last time I thought that I will complete 10 Km without practicing but I got some allergy so I couldn’t complete. So this time I decided to run 5 km and to complete it. There were lot of small children who were running the 5 km. Before starting I was little hesitate and was afraid to run with the small children. Then I felt I should not compare my self with anyone. Since I have committed to my team that I will run 5 Km and I started my running. I remembered what Sanjeev told about how to run. I kept that in my mind and slowly started running. I didn’t want to stop any where and I was continuously running and I was able to complete in 17 minutes and came 3rd”. ~ Pratap








Some reflections from the team;