Different kind of experience with children


RYSI (Raman Young Science Innovator) When we got the circular about Raman award. Students were so excited to do many things in different ways.I have supported few of them.It was different experienced with each children. One of the student is from 9th grade, he wants to measure the frequency.We have connected one micro phone with an Oscilloscope.With the help of an Oscilloscope we measured our heart beat frequency.

I learned about Density(formula). In water, if we place a stone in water, it will sink because the density of the stone is greater than 1. If the density of an object is in less than 1 it will float in the water. Sharani from 5th grade she did density project for Raman award. I just supported her. That was nice experienced with her.

In scratch, I learned to give input from the keyboard using sensing(tool). I have drawn a circle using scratch. Inside the program no need to give radius value I have given radius value from the keyboard.That was new for me.