Importance of physical education

~Ranjith, Saranya

In isai ambalam school, we are working on a project about physically, mentally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually development of children and teachers by referring to an inspiring child personality in the Indian scriptures and their value.

In these project, there are six teams of teachers and children. Each group has one inspiring child personality in the Indian scriptures.

Our group has Prakalatan as an inspiring child personality. He principles and values are True education.

True Education

Swami Vivekananda has said that “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in a human being”. He further says that “Education is not the amount of information that we put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any man who has got by heart a whole library.”

Rather than memorizing pieces of information Swamiji has said that we should be able to understand and truly apply in our lives ideas that matter. The ideas that matter as he says are life-building one that makes our lives better, man making that make us strong physically and mentally and character building where we have the moral strength and spiritual advancement.

The primary message of real education is that of strength. Swamiji says ‘be strong physically, mentally, cognitively, morally and spiritually’. We will see how education supports these ideas.

Physical Education:

Swamji says that “you will be nearer to Heaven through football than the study of Gita…. You will understand the Upanishads better and the glory of the Atman, when your body stands firm on your feet and you feel yourself as man”. One must know the secret of making the body strong through physical education. For a complete education, it is necessary to develop mind, body and vital.

Physical education supports mental and character development. While playing sports, we naturally learn to concentrate our mindfully on the sports also we learn to coordinate our mind and body, which helps us control and discipline our mind and body. All these aspects concentrating fully, keeping health, senses and your mind disciplined and makes us more self-confident.

It helps us to form good habits such as running, practicing yoga, practicing martial arts, eating and sleeping on time, etc,. These habits will help us to discipline our body and mind which make us powerful and confidence on our ability that “I have enormous power in me, I can do anything and everything”.


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