Stewardship Stage 1, Session 2

~ Bhuvana,  Vasanth, Thamizh

Stewardship For New Emergence was held On  September 27,28,29 (2019) for session 1, followed by Oct  18,19,20 (2019) for session 2. This program is for our own growth and self exploration. It similarly aids for organisational development and team capacity building and we could see the growth significantly  by implementing the tools practically.

I learnt about myself and my inner values. When ever a problem  showed up I used to ignore the issue and tried  to escape from the situation. Later I realized that escaping from a problem will cause another issue, By using the stewardship tools I am addressing the problems and getting solutions then and there. Earlier I used to think  in a narrow way to get a solution , after attending the stewardship workshop I am able to think in multiple perspectives to get better solution for the problem.~ Vasanth

I noticed about my self that I am able to see my growth by practicing the tools in various situations. It helped me to be a better person than I used to be, before attending the workshop. All the tools are useful in exploring myself and for the growth of my organisation. After attending the workshop I clearly knew what I am deeply care about for my self and others, then I started to work towards  it. ~ Bhuvana

Before attending the workshop, lots of questions ran around my mind. Questions like who am I? What am I going to do to still myself at difficult times in my life etc. After completing the first session, I was able to explore myself deeply, identify myself and my values and things I care about for myself and others. The tools that I learnt helped me to still myself. It was also helpful to better myself. I liked the tool “forgive with condolence” the most which helped me to lighten myself with the heavy feelings which I was carrying for many years.~ Thamizhselvi