Is a one year residential fully-funded program for becoming highly skilled and getting a job in the streams of Programming, VLSI Design and Business Analysis and being a global citizen of the 21st century..

What are the streams addressed in this program?

Stream 1: Programming

Scratch, Python, Python for Python+flask, Web design - Javascript, MySQL, D3, etc), data-mining and AI

Stream 2: VLSI Design

VLSI design and layout – Basic circuit design, analog VLSI design and layout,

Stream 3: Business Analysis

Being able to research by searching the internet for relevant information, coming up with perspectives and finding relevant data for the same. Learning how to quickly read, scan, interpret and reflect. This will include improving English in grammar, writing styles, etc. Creating powerful narratives and blogging skills. Using tools of the trade – wordpress, xls, etc.


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Aura Semiconductor

Aura Semiconductor Pvt Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company innovating high performance IC products for IoT Radios, Timing and Portable Audio markets.

Quilt.AI works to understand human behaviour, opinions, preferences, and social interactions through integrating the digital fragments of data though meaningful human context.


Navgurukul offers a fully-funded skilling program in software engineering with guaranteed job to youth from low-income families. The program is for one year and is a residential course.


The whole principle of Integral Yoga is to give oneself entirely to the Divine alone and to nobody else...



Monica Sharma

20+ years UN Author: Radical transformational Leadership

Abhishek Gupta

IITD, Founder CEO & Co Founder NavGurukul,

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