What is C3STREAM Land Designs

C3STREAM Land Designs a commercial unit under Swagatham Trust of Auroville Foundation with the goal of providing rural youth an opportunity to learn, grow, work and teach.

It has evolved over the years from Aura Auro Design (for 3 years) a research project of SAIIER (Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research) on whether a learning organization can be sustainable in real world challenges, then as STEM Land – Aura Auro Designs (for 2 years) a sub-unit of SAIIER to its current form C3STREAM Land Designs a commercial unit. The sister organization STEM Land continues to be an educational and educational research organization under SAIIER. Both organizations are part of Auroville a universal township at the service of humanity.

The values of the organization are responsibility, equality and courage to create. We use the lens of these values to see alignment in what we do, the culture we create or change and who we are being.

C3STREAM Land is a learning organization that is creating a new model for businesses – not working on profits or losses, but rather on trust and long term relationships based on transparent budgets. The financial needs of the organization need for it to thrive including the needs of its individuals, administration and contributions the organization provides to the community (schools, city, etc) are supported by partner companies of C3STREAM Land Designs – Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. and Quilt-AI.
The partnership with these companies provides engaging employment for youth in the areas of embedded systems software, VLSI layout and design, big data extraction and analysis based on AI and its visualization and business analysis and content creation. Please find more information about our partners here.

Members of C3STREAM Land Designs volunteer a few hours of their time everyday to support children in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) education in schools. The physical infrastructure and running expenses of the centers is maintained by STEM Land. As part of SAIIER we also conduct educational research on how children, youth and their teachers progress in skills, competencies and inner capacities.

A snapshot of what C3STREAM Land is captured as a Conscious Full Spectrum Model shown below.

STEM Land runs centers in Auroville and Auroville’s outreach schools and aims to:

  • Exploring self-directed learning and research the use of technology in effective learning and learning environments.
  • Exploring a learning organization as an environment where learning (unending education) and growth (constant progress) of its members and those they interact with is the primary goal while still being effective in engaging in a real world context.
  • To provide opportunity (and mentoring) to youth in and around Auroville to become skilled e.g. in electronics, programming, and teaching.
  • To provide an opportunity for skilled youth to engage with children in schools and move beyond simple procedural learning into application, problem solving and self-mastery.
  • To explore alternatives to examinations as a way for children to demonstrate mastery.
  • To support those who want to see similar changes in their schools and organizations e.g. modules in specific topics, teacher training.

The original concept note by our founder Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan on Aura Auro Design is here.

Our first center was in Udavi school serving the villages in the south of Auroville, the second center was Isai Ambalam school serving the villages to the west of Auroville. Recently, we have also be catering to the Auroville schools and are looking to expand our support to Aikiyam, Tamarai, AIAT. STEM Land is open learning space and welcomes to all who want to learn and build things and offers a variety of learning opportunities like programming, electronics, making and tinkering, strategy games, puzzles and a lot more. We also offer graduate-level courses in electronics, programming in the evenings.

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