In the summer we took the opportunity to share our experience with educators and teachers in an intense 8 day long workshop to support them further or start their own STEM activities. This course focused on  the use of programming with children to learn Mathematics. We had diverse participants, seven from around Auroville in schools and centers that want to start STEM land, 10 from (Asha) Chennai who supplement computer classes in government schools and one each from Gujarat, Mumbai and Sittlingi. While some were teachers working with children others were part of school management this diversity was valuable as the program was structured now only to develop skills, but also competencies as well as inner capacities

Making projects (through programming) can be a way for children to demonstrate their learning and offer alternatives to examinations as the only form of assessment. This also offers an opportunity for self-evaluation and constant progress.

Programming a computer helps children learn conceptual ideas because they need to break it down into small bites for a computer to follow. It also helps them visualize abstract concepts. They can also create their own games to develop rigor.

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