Fraction stories with the 5th graders

The fifth graders of Udavi School started fractions, they used the material and created their own procedure. They picked cards(with proper fractions written on them) and found the required pieces and drew it on their note and exchanged stories amongst their groups. Then they played a game within in the group to assemble the appropriate fraction in the least time.

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Stewardship Workshop for Environmentalists from Andhra

We did a Stewardship workshop on 19/05/17 @ STEMLAND, Udavi School for the people who had come from Andhra. The tools we covered are Stand, fear, 4 profiles and deep listening. The participants were open to learn and I had a feeling that the session went well and everyone learned something new and were reflective. As a PC, I would like to improve my interaction with participants who speak other language than Tamil/English

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