Radical Transformational Leadership (Session 1- Sept 18th -20th) Reflection

Session 1 of RTL Leadership was conducted by Dr.Monica Sharma on (Sept 18th -20th) 2021, As Part of the Shifu(Master) program the 7 Shifuians attended the 3 days session and sharing the reflection.


My name is Santhosh, I stand for kindness and equity for myself and for others. I learned many useful tools for my life and this is my third RTL so I’m able to notice whether I’m using my tools or not and I was really inspired by Monica explanations , and I learned how to mingle with new people and also ,this session helped me to be stronger in my universal value.


My name is Choudhry, I stand for equality and justice for myself and others, I learned my stand and fear, when I doing this tool  I realize my fear is the default, And I lean how to use the “i” statement, with the help of CFSR  sheet I can describe my project and I can check where I am, also I can check am I respond and realize my project, then background conversation with me and others, and how I listening to others, the background conversation with an example of COVID-19, how to distinguish courage and bravery, this is the tools I learned from the RTL session.


My name is Arun, I stand for happiness for myself and others from the three days of the session. I learned that how I can look back at my stand and it brings me an idea of powerful conversation. On background connection, I have seen things differently and also learned new this for myself. From powerful communication I have understood about the way of my communication and what are all things I should add to it. Deep listening makes me how to overcome background conversation and connect with people. From filling the CFSR sheet I had an idea about my project and the issue I’m facing and how to overcome it with analysis. from  12 angry man movie, it gives me an idea that there will be two sides to a story and the story which I’m seeing won’t be seen by others but the way I have examine it gives way back to me to stand on my universal value.


My Name is Sri Bhavani, I stand for Love and equality for myself and others. I learned about myself is, Who I am! Identified my universal values within me. Whenever I make an effective conversation, I noticed my fear and background conversation. Noticing my background conversation, make me fully present through deep listening. I learned to, commit an action to let my fear go. How to make an effective conversation with the committed request. How to make the feedback statements, for the growth of others Subsystems are interconnected to the system. How to design my project using the CFSR sheet. Choose to be responsible whenever I get a complaint about my action. I learned to ground on my stand.


My name is NARMADHA, I stand for equality, happiness for myself and others. By attending the session I learned my 4 profiles and how to overcome my fear and commit action to let it go. From the movie 12 angry men, I learned that whatever the situation I chose to be in action not to react. I learned to create a design structure for my plan using CFSR. Learned system principles and learned how to make a committed request for my project and give feedback to others.


My name is Sandhiya and I stand for progress and love for myself and others, I learned to strengthen my stands and to overcome my fear. If I am expecting something from others I should check whether am good at it. I also learned to think from others’ points of view and to take every difficult situation as an adventure.


My name is Sivaraman and I stand for perseverance, courage, full potential, and equality for myself and others. I have learned to be aware and conscious about my values and add more values as I grow positive. CFSR has progressively tuned my project. I have revisited a lot of my rule and role according to build myself and others up.