A session about the life of Sri Aurobindo

As part of the 150th Sri Aurobindo’s Anniversary, On the 4th of August 2022, Smt. Sundaravalli, an ardent devotee of Mother and Sri Aurobindo lives in Chennai along with her friend Vijayalakshmi visited STEMland and had a session with STEM teachers.

She came to Aurlvazhi school in 2002. Shamala and Vardharajan had invited her to translate a few Mother’s books in Tamil. She had worked for Savitri Bhavan at the ‘Pratana Magazine’ as an editor for 5 years. She was involved in Isai Ambalam School activities and workshops and improved her academic skills. She had written a story in Tamil “Illarathil Thuravaram” about The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. She has written the “Life Divine ” with the Grace of Mother and is being published in Auro Mira Centre at Karaikudi. She had done many consecration workshops for children in Karaikudi.

She conducted a one-hour session about Sri Aurobindo’s Life events. She also enlightened the teachers with the five dreams of Sri Aurobindo.

Reflection 1:

The session was energizing and enlightening. The life events of Sri Aurobindo had a huge impact on us. Few sessions in his life events of him were very interesting.

Reflection 2:

Even though he went to jail, he had a desire to achieve what he wanted. So he achieved it. Same way if I have a desire if I work hard I can achieve it in any instance.

Reflection 3:

The pain and suffering that I go through will not make me feel down when my thoughts are bigger.

Reflection 4:

I should focus on progress even if we face difficulties taking negatives as positives.

Reflection 5:

Sri Aurobindo’s perseverance impacted me a lot and made me work on that quality in me. It incorporated the quality of taking difficulties as positives and working on them.

Reflection 6:

I learned to act selflessly after hearing the life events of Sri Aurobindo.

Reflection 7:

His self–belief amazed me and that helped me revive my self-belief and I started implementing myself.

Reflection 8:

What I learned from his life history is perseverance in achieving things, and care for humanity.

Reflection 9:

I learned in being spiritual paves a way to progress throughout life.

A session with Last School Children

On the 28th of July, the STEM Land team visited Last School for a session with them. The facilitating team Prabhaharan, Arun, and Illamkathir along with the last school children worked on RTL tools, seven segment displays, Cast puzzles, and the homopolar motor.

The session started with a few minutes of meditation. The team started the session with the Radical transformational leadership tool that helped children identify the universal values they stand for. Then the team helped the children identify their socialized fears and how courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act despite fear.

Later, we learned about the Seven segment Display and its primary uses. Our team explained how to use a multimeter and analyze the SSD and showed a demo. With that reference, the children worked on it and completed it.

Later, the working of the homopolar motor was demonstrated to the children. A Homopolar motor is one of the simplest motors built because it uses direct current to power the motor in one direction. The magnet’s magnetic field pushes up towards the battery and the current that flows from the battery travels perpendicular to the magnetic field. Students had a great time making it.

The whole session was engaging, encouraging, and enlightening. It was a great learning for everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Students from Last School requested to come to STEM Land on Saturdays to learn programming like Scratch and Python.  We will start such sessions soon.