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Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan

sanjeev_passport_picDr. Sanjeev Ranganathan received his PhD from Columbia University in Electronics. He is the recipient of the Lewis Winner award for best paper at ISSCC. He also volunteered for Asha for Education in various capacities and interacted with over a 100 NGOs in India working on education. He has worked at Silicon Labs, NXP, ST-Ericsson, Aura Semiconductor and has built chips used by over a billion people.  Sanjeev is passionate about developing critical thinking skills with children and in helping them learn and connect with themselves.

Since Jun 2013 he has been working with children in Udavi School and Isai Ambalam School, both outreach schools of Auroville. In Jan 2015 he founded Aura Auro Design along with engineering graduates in and around Auroville and in Sep 2015 with them established STEM Land (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Land) a space of learning for children and adults. He also conducts electronics classes to anyone interested and here is more information of the current program conducted at STEM Land.

For the really curious, here is his resume, a note on volunteering.

Sanjeev maintains a person blog and of his experiences with working with children at

BalaBala Anand T

Aura Auro has provided a space for me to learn, grow and explore myself. I have progressed and become more efficient and efficacious at work(writing scripts and automating code). I also really care about the work I do in the schools and the contribution I do to the society.

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It gives me immense pleasure to be a member with Aura Auro Design, excited and looking forward to begin my journey by learning and working as a team.

I. ArunFantasia Painting(24)

Being part of Aura Auro Design makes me complete. I learn a lot from my team. Everything we do feels like we are growing with knowledge and exposure.

I am a B.Tech Graduate in the field of Electronics and
Communication. I see Aura Auro Design as place of growth . I
am proud and happy to be a part of Aura Auro Design. I have
learnt alot from the team and learning something new each day.


The first time when I came to STEM land in Udavi school I felt that learning has no end. I also learnt that age doesn’t matter when I am open to learn from anyone. As an engineer I couldn’t do anything that children could do in STEM land. I felt that I have wasted 4 years in college and stared working on what I wanted to accomplish. I got inspired by the childrenand facilitators who were doing a huge change in education. I started coming to STEM land to learn programming and electronics from scratch. Being part of STEM land AuraAuro Design makes to grow in different ways like a better teacher, engineer and researcher. I am happy to now be part of STEM land.


I completed B.E in the stream of computer science Engineering. STEM Land and all the activities in STEM were new for me. I learned lot of things from children such as printing 3D models, Alice, Scratch, Geogebra, Goanimate, Puzzles etc., and I’m learning rubiks cube now. STEM land provides a space to cover what ever I have missed to learn in the past and visualize concepts. I learned to value my time and others. I am exposed to different opportunities (eg., Stewardship for new emergence, Vipassana) through STEM Land AAD to make myself whole, both technically and as a being. I have learned to come out of my comfort zone to explore new things and as a result I’m learning electronics. I’m grateful to each individuals in our team for supporting me to learn and grow.

Past long term volunteers and employees

Vaidegi GVaidegi

I am a B.Tech graduate in the stream of electronics & communication and enjoy working in teams. I found out what i like doing best & get someone to pay me for doing that in the form of Aura Auro Design.



Pranav worked with Google and volunteered with STEM land for 4 months. Here is an interview with him.
TEAM – 2016

From left: Sundar,Naveen,Arun,Vaidegi,Sanjeev,Bala

TEAM – 2017

Poovizhi, Sundar, Arun, Pratap, Sanjeev, Vaidegi, Naveen, Bala
TEAM – 2018
 Logeshwari, Bala, Arun, Saranya, Pratap, Sanjeev, Naveen, Sundar, Poovizhi,


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