Setting Up Wi-Fi and extension boxes in STEMland:

The Wi-Fi previously installed at the school, had a smaller range. We used a Dlink modem to extend the signal range to Stemland. There were a few debug in the process. To configure the modem I did the following : powered up, and connected to the laptop via LAN cable. The modem did not open with Ubuntu. I had to use a laptop operating with windows. Then open a browser and type http:\\ dlinkap or the bottom of the modem) once it gets connected open the setup wizard and choose the option Wi-Fi extender and use manual configuration instead of auto detecting the Wi-Fi settings. If there is a password, prompt it to the settings. Save and exit, works fine now.

Creating Extension Boxes for the UPS Back up:

We had to create a number of extension boxes for using the back up, the connections were as following to the Phase, Neutral and Earth.

DSC_0844 DSC_0843