Mathegramming Academy continued to engage with the teachers of Vaasavi International School to support them learn and design a program that will work for their school. This week’s teacher training session left participants inspired and equipped with innovative teaching methodologies. The program delved into reflections on system principles, Mathegramming project demos, algebraic tiles, and designing classes with Conscious full System Response (CFSR).

Reflections on System Principles:

The teacher training session kickstarted with an enlightening reflection by teachers on system principles. Educators reflected on their understanding of how components within a system interact and influence each other. Teachers learned how to apply the principles of systems and culture in their classrooms, considering the dynamics between students, curriculum, and teaching methods. By incorporating system thinking into their teaching approach, instructors can develop more holistic and effective educational strategies.

Mathegramming Project Demos:  

One of the highlights of this session was the demonstration of Mathegramming projects by the team based on concepts that the teachers had brought up in the past. Mathegramming, an innovative teaching method that combines visual mathematics with programming and creating projects, captivated the teachers’ attention. The team showcased interactive projects that demonstrate complex mathematical concepts and science topics through fun and engaging scratch programs. It sparked excitement among the educators as they realized the potential of integrating technology into their lessons to enhance students’ learning experiences.

Introduction to Algebraic Tiles:

Algebra can be a challenging subject for students, but the training session introduced a powerful tool for teaching algebraic concepts: algebraic tiles. Educators were given hands-on experience in using algebraic tiles to demonstrate factorization, forming equations, and exploring algebraic identities. The teachers felt that the tactile nature of algebraic tiles helps students visualize abstract algebraic expressions, making the learning process more accessible and enjoyable. Teachers left the session equipped with a new approach to demystifying algebra for their students.

Designing Classes using Conscious Full System Response (CFSR): CFSR, an emerging teaching methodology, emphasizes creating a conscious and responsive learning environment. Teachers were guided on how to design their classes by considering the needs, interests, and learning styles of their students. The CFSR approach encourages teachers to be adaptable, intuitive, and empathetic in their interactions with students. This fosters a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere that encourages active participation and academic growth.

The teacher training session at Vaasavi International School was an enriching and empowering experience for all participants. As educators, they discovered new and innovative ways to inspire and educate their students effectively. The insights gained from the sessions on system principles, Mathegramming, algebraic tiles, and CFSR will undoubtedly impact their teaching practices positively.

Vaasavi International School’s commitment to providing quality education extends not only to its students but also to its educators, ensuring they are equipped with the best tools and knowledge to make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.

Through such transformative teacher training initiatives, Vaasavi International School fosters an environment of growth, creativity, and excellence in education.

Mathegramming Academy trains Vaasavi international school teachers

Mathegramming Academy is happy with its baby step in collaborating with Vaasavi International School to train teachers in Mathegramming – visual mathematics using programming with responsibility.

Mathegramming Academy and Vaasavi International School have partnered to enhance math learning for students. The partnership will focus on using technology to create more engaging and interactive math lessons. Our learning modules synthesize the technical development of a teacher along with developing competence and supporting inner capacity with RTL (Radical Transformational Leadership) tools. This is because skill in itself is insufficient to create meaningful and sustainable change in society.

Vaasavi International School is a private CBSE school in Puducherry that offers a holistic education. The school is committed to using technology to enhance learning. The school has been selected to be a model school in Pondicherry for implementing NEP and this is where we are supporting them.

The partnership is expected to benefit both Mathegramming Academy and Vaasavi International School. For Mathegramming Academy this offers an opportunity to reach out to 320 children (initial target from 6th-8th grade) and in time the remaining teachers who are currently getting trained as well. Vaasavi International School will be able to offer its students more engaging and interactive math lessons. The partnership is a significant step forward for both Mathegramming Academy and Vaasavi International School and a sign of their commitment to using technology to enhance math and science learning.

Mathegramming Academy recently conducted the first teaching training session for teachers at Vaasavi International School on 13th June 2023. The Mathegramming Academy team with support from C3STREAM Land Designs (C3SLD) seniors who visited the school and presented a session on the RTL tool Stand and Fear and a brief explanation about the upcoming sessions. The session focused on how to use technology to enhance math learning.

A short video on what C3SLD has been doing in the last 10 yrs which is being codified in Mathegramming Academy was shared as an introduction.

The training then was led by Mathegramming Academy’s founder, Dr. Sanjeev. During the training session, Sanjeev delivered on sourcing one’s universal values to lead a transformation. Each teacher shared what they deeply care about. Sandhiya from C3SLD presented our socialized fear and how to transcend this fear to do something new followed by insights (what I learned about myself). Sanjeev and Sandhiya processed insights.

Sanjeev also explained how Mathegramming Academy can help students visualize math concepts, solve problems more effectively, and develop critical thinking skills by training teachers.

The teachers at Vaasavi International School were deeply influenced by the training and shared their insights on discovering the qualities they stand for and want to see in children. They also appreciated the opportunity to learn about new ways to use technology in math learning. They are excited to use the skills they learned in the training session to create more engaging and effective math lessons for their students. Mathegramming Academy is looking forward to being in action.