Hackathon workshop on Electronics

~ Mathegramming team, Sundaresan, Sharmila, Poonguzhali, Jayabharathi, Ajay, Sri Bhavani, Duraisamy, Choudery

Learn the principles of Electronic and critical components

The core values of Mathegramming Academy are responsibility,equality,and courage to create.We (Mathegramming team) wanted Children to connect electronics to the world around them and they will relate Electronics to the Mathematics they have been learning.

Our team wanted to have the following shifts:

  • From Theory to Hands-On Practice
  • From classroom Learning to Real-World Exploration
  • From Confusion to Clarity in Learning
  • Moving from Being scared to trying new things to embracing new learning
  • From Disempowering isms like classism, groupism and genderism to equality and creative learning together

The Mathegramming Hackathon was set up to encourage creativity and learning at every stage. We conducted the workshop for around 40 children and the children were from different schools. Our team mixed the children from different schools. So that children got different perspectives, encouraging working together, increased their communicative skills.

We started the day with an reminder about our Stand and fears, by knowing what I stand for or care about I can transcend my fears and work at their full potential.

We talked about the difficulty in learning electronics

  • it is something we can see the impact of, but cannot see directly.
  • Most the terms are known but the distinction is unclear e.g. the power has come, is there voltage, is there current. and all used as synonyms. Related to this there are too many units that appear unrelated.
  • You can go over a large range of values – kilo ohms, to micro ampheres and requires some grounding in Engineering units and some Mathematics.

Then we dived into Electronics, by using the minimum mathematics of Multiplication and two hidden division stories. Using this simple idea, we introduced how to calculate power, current, Voltage, Charge, Energy. We also used only a few units for these that allows children to correlate between the quantities. We then applied this to our real life of understanding how much energy we consume. In time we analyzed how much energy would have been used to do the workshop itself on backup power and how much battery would have been used.

For resistance we use the concept of body resistance students and knew about their actual body resistance using multimeter with that they knew current and resistance were inversely proportional to each other and students also estimated that at what voltage they would get shock. Students checked if it is possible to light an LED through their body resistance (can you?) and also learned the importance of resistor in series with the LEDs.

From the Water Tank analogy students knew about the concept of voltage, current, resistance and energy. We introduced about the precautions while using multimeter for safety purpose. Students knew about how to use the multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and how to check the connectivity in the circuit. Students designed their own circuit for the required current flow in the circuit.

We introduced about the battery, resistor, LED, variable resistor, capacitor and also their symbols with that students knew about the symbols of the components.So,that they able to draw the circuit diagram and we showed the sensor(LDR) by showing the demo how it worked students gave different perspective how to use LDR for their circuit.Capacitor as a bucket if a battery is like a reservoir of charge by worked in it. Students knew that more the capacity in the capacitor more the charge it can hold and they saw the working of capacitor by charging using the battery and discharging using the LED.

When the challenges were allocated for each team I saw the enthusiasm with which children learn with engagement, We also saw team work worked well with different school students and each students shared their perspective and some students convenience why their perspective of approaching the problem was correct and some students struggled to understand and hesitated to do the task. students from different schools didn’t isolate themselves stepped up for their new friends worked as a team and got their output from that I saw the Leadership quality in that student and I saw a good team work among the students.

After the workshop came to an end students shared their learnings in the workshop and also shared what they learned about themselves in the workshop by doing the workshop I realised that we (Mathegramming team) added something useful to their life. We had many stdents who had not registered beforehand and our colleagues stepped up for us and supported us in organising the event and I saw the quality of care and that moment brought every one together.

Some of the reflections from our mentors in the workshop:

My name is Sundaresan,I stand for happiness and courage for myself and for others. While working with new children at the hackathon, I learned how to approach them effectively. I realized that I shouldn’t guide them with only wanting to win, but rather focus on their learning new skills and knowledge that will benefit in their future. I was impressed to see how they weren’t struggling with the calculation of power consumption of fans and lights, which showed me their strength in mathematics. Each child in my group has different talents: one excels in Scratch programming beyond my expectations, while another explains the project very well. Reflecting on this event, I recognized what I missed in my own childhood.

My name is Sharmila. I stand for courage and patience for myself and others. This electronic hackathon gave me a chance to contribute my knowledge to students regarding electronics. Students were excited and curious to know about electronics and how they are used in our daily lives. During the hackathon, the students quickly mingled with each other. They also shared their thoughts in the group while working on the tasks that we gave them. The hackathon showcased the values of equality, responsibility, and the courage to create. It demonstrated the transition from individual to group learning, with strong communication between mentors and mentees. Overall, the event emphasized the importance of electronics and their usage in our daily life.

My name is Poonguzhali I stand for courage for myself and others. I could see the values of STEM Land throughout the tournament: Equality responsibility and courage to create. I could see individual learning to group learning. There was good communication between the children and facilitators. We were breaking silos. The children were able to connect real-time examples with the electronic concepts.  I learned some basic electronics concepts from this workshop. It stimulated my interest to learn even more in the future. I felt excited throughout the event.

My name is Jayabharathi, I stand for Equality for myself and for others. The electronics hackathon helped me contribute my knowledge to the children. I was able to see the team work and the coordination among the children of different organizations. It helped me to bring out my universal values (care and confidence) into action. The curiosity of the children after each step of the experiments it helped me to develop my skills to teach them in a simplified manner. Apart from the technical part, children were able to mingle with each other very easily and they were able to help each other. The children were encouraging each other when other teams won the prize. I noticed that they were fostering leadership and i would also practice the same. This hackathon gave me an exposure to experience unity and curiosity with the team members as well as the children.

My name is Ajay, and I stand for love, happiness, and self-awareness for myself and others. My experience at the electronics hackathon with children was amazing. Initially, they learnt about themselves and then moved into the concept of energy consumption. They were able to calculate how much energy they used for the workshop and learnt about units of power, energy, current, and voltage in a different way. It turned into a tournament at the end. I found the part was finding out the body resistance of each member using a multimeter very interesting. As a team, we helped each other and took responsibility to claim the first prize for our team of children. We also assisted other teams’ children to complete their tasks so they could understand, what I learnt I have shared it with others.

My name is Sri Bhavani. I stand for Love and Equality for myself and others. In this Hackathon, our team created an opportunity for the children to work with other school children to get the essence of team work to achieve the goals. My favorite part in this event was that one representative was requested to share their learning to represent their team at random. In this, team members encouraged the team representative to share their team learnings. Children were able to notice their fears during presentation as well as competition, then they were also be able to still themselves to act from their values. Overall, children as well as facilitators enjoyed the event and Mathegramming team, all facilitators, and students acted from their full potential to make this event happen.

My name is Duraisamy, I stand for Dignity, wisdom and freedom for myself and others. Mentoring kids about electronics and how they’re part of everyday life is something new for them. Understanding the different parts and symbols is a first step. It helps them see how things work and sparks their curiosity to learn more. Explaining electronics to kids in simple terms not only helps them understand the world around them but also encourages them to explore and ask questions. It’s important to lay a basic foundation that they can build upon as they grow, fostering a lifelong interest in learning and discovery.

My name is Choudery. I stand for justice and equality for my self and others. In the electronics tournament I just came to have a look how children were doing. Then I sat with a team at random. I have noticed children are curious to learn electronics and doing their tasks one by one. Then I start to teach a child and explain how seven segment display works. One child understood the logic behind the seven-segment display and started to do it by own. This made the other children in the team to curious. The children came to me and ask how to do. Then I ask the children to ask the child who was doing it. The team them learned from him. Here I noticed the curiosity of learning, peer learning and teamwork. This electronic workshop and tournament really helpful for children to have more ideas and thoughts about how the real world working with electronics.

Backdrops painting for Nayanmargal Drama: A Journey of Creativity

~ Sharmila, Santhosh, Poonguzali, Preethi, Nithyasandhosh , Premkumar Murugan

Students of Isai Ambalam School decided to stage the “Nayanmargal” (saints in the Shiva) drama for the occasion of Sivarathiri and how their songs have made it to us now. The creation of backdrops played a crucial role in bringing the production to life. Over a period of six weeks, we embarked on the journey of painting these backdrops, encountering various challenges and experiences along the way.

Initial Challenges Encountered:

One of the initial difficulties we faced was sourcing the right materials after finalizing the scenes of the drama to be displayed. As it was our first-time painting on such large cloth we did not have confidence that we will be able to do it. We decided to create draft paintings on smaller cloth pieces to test our abilities. Upon seeing the results, we gained confidence in our skills. We then prepared a list of materials required for the painting and provided it to the organizer, Anita akka.

Step-by-Step Painting Process:

Conceptualization: Initially, we planned to paint four backdrops: 1) a larger flowing Vaigai river with trees and bushes on both banks, 2) a temple gopuram with trees and people, 3) Nandhi facing sideways with four pillars, and 4) a palace. Later, we added a fifth backdrop—the Kailash Mountain which was painted by Arham.

Sketching: With the concept in mind, we began sketching rough outlines of the backdrops on the cloth and finalized them with Anita akka. This stage allowed us to experiment with different compositions and perspectives to ensure that each backdrop would complement the unfolding story on stage.

Layering Colors: Once the sketches were finalized, we embarked on the colorful journey of painting. Using acrylic paints, we meticulously layered colors to create depth and texture, bringing each scene to life with vibrant hues and subtle shading.

Detailing and Finishing: As the paintings progressed, we focused on adding intricate details and finishing touches to enhance realism and evoke emotion. Every aspect of the backdrops was infused with care and attention to detail. Adding details to the backdrops took more time to complete.

Collaboration and Feedback: Throughout the painting process, collaboration and feedback played a vital role in refining our work. We regularly consulted with Anita akka, friends, and fellow artists to ensure that the backdrops aligned seamlessly with the overall vision of the production.

Overall Insights on Painting:

Painting the backdrops for “Nayanmargal” was not just about applying colors to clothe; it was a journey of exploration and expression. As artists, we discovered the power of storytelling through visuals, transcending language barriers to convey the rich tapestry of emotions woven into the fabric of the drama.

In conclusion, the creation of backdrops for “Nayanmargal” was a testament to the transformative power of art.  When the backdrops were hung upon the stage they looked really good and amazing. As a artist we felt happy and accomplished.

Individual Insight on Painting:

My name is Sharmila, and I stand for courage and patience for myself and others. As I love painting, I volunteered to paint backdrops for the “Nayanmargal” drama. Initially, we were a bit nervous about painting on such large cloth pieces and whether we could finish on time. However, working as a team, we were able to overcome our doubts. After completing each backdrop, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction fueled our confidence. The praise from Anita akka and others made us feel good and motivated us to carry on and complete the backdrops on time. I had a wonderful team to support me throughout. Through this activity, I noticed qualities such as care, love, taking responsibilities, deep listening, courage to create, and the ability to plan and execute effectively.

Insight of Santhosh

Doing backdrop painting for the Nayanmargal drama was a wonderful experience because this was the very first time I made big-picture drawings and paintings. when I completed my first backdrop of natural scenery with the Vaigai River I felt satisfied and also I had a wonderful painting team to support me with other backdrops. From this activity I learned my life lessons like stillness is very important, focus on what we doing now, full concentration, preplanning plays a major role and more creative imagination.

My name is Poonguzhali and I stand for courage for myself and others. I volunteered to paint the backdrops for the drama. Whenever I had time, I helped with the backdrops. As a team, we worked to our full potential, and I felt accomplished with the work. When the backdrops were hung on the stage, they helped in setting the scene for the play. It was more satisfying and added colors to the atmosphere of the performance. Being a part of the creative process made me feel courageous, happy, and proud of our work.

My name is Preethi. I stand for courage, kindness and perseverance for myself and others. When I’m doing drama backdrop painting, I get to learn lot about myself. when I was painting it reflected my thoughts, emotions, and creativity. It helps me to understand myself better and appreciate the beauty within me. I also realize making mistakes is a part of the process. Sometimes the imperfections make the painting even more beautiful. While doing new things and making mistakes helps me grow and learn. Through painting, I learn to be patient and keep going, even when things don’t work out the way I want. When I paint with others, I learnt lot from them and inspire one another to create beautiful things. It’s really a wonderful experience that I really loved

My name is Nithyasandhosh. I stand for kindness and equality to myself and others. I volunteered to painting a backdrop for Nayanmargal drama. I love painting, before I have done painting in wall and paper but Its was my first time I am painting in a big cloth. I felt happy to paint with my team, and learn from each other. When I was painting I felt more focused in what I’m doing.  After finishing our 4 backdrops, I felt responsible and integrity.

My name is Premkumar Murugan . I stand for self confidence and equality for myself and others. My insight for painting Nayanmargal drama. So far I have only experienced painting on papers, As this was my first time of painting on big clothe, I felt nervous but when I met with my group I felt, I could draw and then I tried drawing and painting and it worked out well. After completing the backdrops, I felt complete and happy. It also helped to recognize my talent within me. It gave me a wonderful experience.


~ Ajay, Sundaresan, Sandhiya.B, Rajesh, Murali, Premkumar, Preethi

One of our values is responsibility. This includes taking responsibility of our life and health. Few of us decided to participate in the Auroville Marathon event. While most of us participated in a 10k run, Prem did a half marathon (21 kms). Some of us prepared leading to the event a few others did a bit of a warm up for a week leading up to the challenge. Here are our reflections.

The Auroville Marathon was held on Sunday 18th February 2024. In addition to the marathon and half marathon and a 10k run is available. It is one of the largest and most popular running events in India, with participants from all parts of India which is publicized by past runners through word of mouth or blogs like this.

The event is non-commercial and organized purely for the joy of running. It considers all the finishers as winners.

This year our team participated in the marathon. For that, our steward Sanjeev Ranganathan encouraged us to be physically fit to do the push-ups and sit-ups during the morning meeting every day for a week before the run. This helped us to stretch ourselves as physically fit. It helped us to complete the marathon without any physical injuries.


Ajay– My name is Ajay, and I stand for happiness and self-awareness for myself and others. I noticed my ability to overcome my fear of not being good enough to complete the marathon. Somehow, I was motivated by the senior people who ran alongside us. This boosted my morale and helped me complete the 10K at the marathon event. It also motivated me to participate in more marathons with proper training.

Sundaresan – I regularly practiced running 5km to prepare for the AV marathon. This practice helped me during the actual marathon. I learned that I can keep going even when things get tough. Finishing the 10km race without stopping made me feel confident. Even though my legs hurt halfway through, I didn’t give up. I realized that pushing through the pain is important to reach my goals. I want to keep this determination in my life. The marathon brought people together and allowed me to meet new friends.

             When I reached the 9km mark, I felt a burst of energy that helped me run faster. Finally, I finished the marathon in 1 hour and 10 minutes (1:10). Now, I want to try a half marathon (21km) next time. This experience taught me that taking small steps can lead to big accomplishments.

Sandhiya- My name is Sandhiya Bala, and I stand for courage, care, and happiness for myself and others. I have learned that by consistently practicing activities such as exercise and walking, the discomfort associated with them diminishes over time.

Taking this initiative, I gained more confidence and completed 10 km marathons after my delivery. I felt a sense of achievement, and I’ve realized that regular practice empowers me to accomplish anything in life.

I acknowledge our steward Sanjeev Ranganathan for encouraging us to maintain physical fitness by incorporating push-ups and sit-ups into our morning meetings every day. This practice has helped me to improve my physical well-being, and I intend to continue using it in my life.

Rajesh- My name is Rajesh and I stand for care and integrity for myself and others, I learned that before leaping into anything the preparation part is important. My organization played a vital part in preparation as we spent a few minutes in sit-ups and pushups every morning.

I also learned life is a long journey like a marathon, which has ups and downs. What matters is how equanimous I am, and how determined I am to explore the journey. Also, in the long run like life or organization or say marathon, Partners play a vital role. Where they encourage courage throughout the hard run. When I am completely down, they give me that inspiration and a positive mindset to continue. I noticed this when I was running with a person throughout the marathon.

Murali- My name is Murali and I stand for happiness and Equality. I noticed that after completing my 10 km marathons, I noticed how I was physically fit.

Premkumar-My name is Premkumar I deeply care about courage and equality for myself and others. While running the 21 kilometers at the beginning I felt I couldn’t finish it but seeing every other person passionately running towards the goal inspired me to finish the marathon. I felt like I was challenged and motivated. It was a great journey that created a meaningful impact on my life.

Preethi –My name is Preethi. I stand for courage, kindness, and perseverance for myself and others. While participating in a marathon, I get to know how tough I am by not giving up when I’m tired or facing challenges. Running a marathon helps me realize how strong my mind can be when I need to keep going. I understand more about how my mind and body work together and how to take care of myself. Staying focused and determined during the race helps me understand how determined I can be. I ran the marathon along with my friend. When I felt tired, he encouraged me, which helped me complete the marathon. Therefore, I acknowledge Ajay for his support and care, and I will carry it with me in my life. Finishing a marathon makes me feel proud of myself, which feels awesome.

Yoga for all: Auroville festival 2024

Sundaresan, Preethi, Sivaguru Prasath, Sri Bhavani, Ajay, Narmadha, Nithya Sandhosh

At STEM land we embrace unending education and constant progress. Auroville brings many opportunities for this. For the commencement of the Auroville festival in 2024, the Yoga gathering happened at Matrimandir Amphitheater, Auroville, from Feb 22 to Feb 26. From STEMland, a few teachers attended the Yoga session along with students from Udavi and Isai Ambalam schools. There were also children from other schools.

Here are the few reflections from our STEM teachers on attending Yoga session,


The yoga masters teach different types of yoga and pranayamas throughout the entire week. It makes me feel healthy for the entire week. They start with Hatha yoga on day 1 by Dr. Mollika Ganguly. Without continuous practice, it causes back pain and body pain for two days. After continuous practice, my body adapted to the pain. Surya Namaskar is taught by S. Srinivasan with the Ramayana story on day 2. The story is related to the 12 asanas, and I enjoyed it. I learned that Surya Namaskar has different types of 12 poses, each taught in its own way. On day 3, Yogic Pranayama and Silence Concentration for ‘the Supramental Manifestation’ are taught by M. Muthukumari.

On day 4, I learned Ashtanga yoga by Velu and Tamil Hymns and Chants by Anandou. I learned three different types of Chants in the session. On day 5, Mantra chanting by Devan and Aravind, and Sounds Meditation and Relaxation by Swaram. From this, I learned how to slowly convey new things to others. I will use this teaching method and calmness in my life. From a sound healing session, I learned to notice my background noises and conversations. After the session, I felt very calm. My mind was clear, and I didn’t feel any stress. The vibrations caused some changes in my body. This session helps me to continue yoga every day. I can feel that I get lots of energy from yoga. For that reason, I can work efficiently the whole day. I decide to teach others what I’ve learned to make it a habit, as well as to keep my health as good as possible.


My name is preethi. I stand for courage,  kindness and perseverance for myself and others. My insight for yoga workshop is I learnt different asanas that help me make my body strong, flexible, and balanced.  I learnt breathing techniques that calm my mind and give more energy. While doing meditation I find out how to relax my mind and focus on the present moment to feel more peaceful. When I do yoga in Mathirmandir,  amphitheater, I feel close to nature. I enjoy hearing birds singing and feeling the cool breeze on my face. It feels like nature is giving me a hug, and it makes me feel calm and peaceful inside. I had a really awesome week, and I had a great experiences.

Sivaguru prasath:

My name is Sivaguru prasath and I stand for courage, full-potential and equanimity for myself and for others. On practicing yoga, I observed that I feel calm, active and flexible and also it was a immense pleasure to do yoga along with children and old-age people which gives us more positive energy and motivation. The day-1 was a like a quick session, we did it continuously, most of the children were felt tired and we motivated them to do it properly and completely. The Surya namaskar we did on the day-2 were taught with the correlation of Ramayana was a different and interesting experience.

On the day-3, we did Pranayama, which improved my breathing and concentration and I found it as the most needful thing for me. On the day-4 we did yoga with some chants and On day-5 they conducted a sound healing session with Swaram team that relaxed my mind and felt like a feather without stress, fear and anxiety. I noticed that I felt active throughout the days when I was practicing yoga and I have to keep my practice day to day to feel energetic and thoughtful.

Sri Bhavani:

My Name is Sri Bhavani, I stand for Love and Equality for myself and others. This time number of members joined from our team for the yoga session has increased compared to the past. Children from Auroville and Auroville outreach schools participated in this session and benefitted. This event also helped us to enhance our physical health. All age groups were participated in this session, this shows physical health has how much importance in all the stages of life. As Sri Aurobindo offered Physical education had three principal aspects:

(1) control and discipline of the functioning of the body;

(2) an integral, methodical and harmonious development of all the parts and movements of the body; and

(3) correction of any defects and deformities.

This session helped me to have disciplined physical activities and utilise it as healing for the body.


The five-day yoga session in the morning at the Amphitheater has been refreshing for me. It helps me keep my body flexible and energetic throughout the day. Going for yoga with children gives me a special feeling in the early morning. Each day, different people shared their way, and I learned various pranayama techniques, Savitri chantings, and on the final day, we had an amazing sound bath from the Svaram team. This year more people from stemland joined so it motivated me to continue doing this and looking forward to the upcoming yoga activities


The day started with stretching; it had been a long time since I had done yoga, so it was initially difficult for me. However, as the days progressed, I found it easier to perform the yoga asanas, and I noticed a positive difference in myself. Each day brought a unique blend of physical challenges, mindfulness, and spiritual connection. At the end of each session for all five days, we concluded with Savasana and chanting. On the last day, there was a sound bath, during which I could feel my breath and the sensations in my body. This practice was organized in celebration of Auroville’s birthday and took place from 6:30 am to 7:30 am. The morning meditation and yoga routine provided a refreshing start to my day, and I have continued this practice every morning since.


My name is Nithyasandhosh, I stand for kindness and equality to myself and others. As I settled onto my mat, the world around me seemed to fade into a gentle blur. With each inhale, I welcomed peace into my being, and with each exhale, I released tension and doubt. In the stillness of the moment, I felt a profound connection with my body and mind. Every stretch, every pose, was a conversation between the two, a dance of harmony and balance. As I flowed through each movement, I embraced the sensation of energy coursing through me, awakening every fiber of my being.