Blog on sharing insights and acknowledgements on Saturday mornings

~ Jayabharathy, Sundaresan, Sivaguruprasath, Rajesh


My name is Jayabharathy. I stand for care and courage for myself and for others. Every Saturday morning, we do insights or acknowledgements. This helps to review myself regarding what I have accomplished in the past week for my own growth and how I have supported others for their growth. I feel it establishes unity between different teams and we get to share what deeds of others have helped us move forward. When I receive acknowledgment from someone, it acts as a driving force for me to move forward with full potential and do even better next time. On the other hand, when I acknowledge someone, I feel I am grounded and appreciated for looking into the good qualities and values of the other person. I find this sharing of acknowledgements and insights is very unique to our organization. Sometimes we write down the acknowledgements after sharing it to the gathering. This helps me to keep reminded of my support to others and the support of others to me throughout the week. This in turn serves as a motivation for the entire week as I read it whenever I go to the ismart room.

It helps me not only to look into my own growth but also the growth of others. Sharing insights helps me to notice the gaps in what I do. Each time we share something, we start with “My name is…… and I stand for……”. This helps to keep me reminded of who I am from deep inside and what I care about the most. Sometimes, the insights that we have shared regarding gratitude in the past have helped me notice how gifted I am for the life and the environment I have around me. Being acknowledged even for the small deeds and support that I have provided over a week, makes me feel joyful. The other important aspect that I noticed while sharing either insights or acknowledgments is that, there is no senior or junior priority. I have seen even the senior most person in the organization acknowledging a trainee. I see the quality of equality and I admired it when I first came over here. Now, since I have also developed the same quality in me, it seems to be very normal to me.  I also notice the quality of interdependence among the team mates and how each one extends help to whoever is in need of help.


The Saturday morning meetings helps bringing my office teammates together and to improve our communication. They also help me to get over my fear of speaking in front of others, which will help me in the future to speak confidently without hesitation.

Getting acknowledgments from others makes me feel more responsible and aware of myself. It also encourages me to support and acknowledge others, which builds good relationships with my colleagues. Writing our acknowledgments and sticking them on the board helps everyone see them, and sharing our accomplishments lets us know what others are working on. This can make us more interested and excited about our projects. Overall, these activities help me remember everything that happened in the past week.


My name is Rajesh and I stand for care and integrity for myself and others. Saturday morning meetings have always been a day to look for me as I can share my learning over the week. It makes me share my learning and learn from others when they share their insight. Weekly sharing as a group makes me aware of various activities and learnings in our organization.


My name is Sivaguruprasath, and I stand for courage, full potential, and equanimity for myself and others. From the Saturday morning sessions, I learned that I am able to recollect what I have done for the week and who supported me in my work. It is also an opportunity to share my acknowledgment with them. It reminds me of being in my stand and being integrity for what I committed for.

Yoga Marathon

~ Sivaguruprasath, Preethi, Nithyasandhosh, Poonguzhali, Ajay, Sri Bhavani

This year’s yoga marathon was organized by SAIIER, Auroville for a week to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, 2024. School children from Auroville and outreach schools were invited to register for the Yoga Marathon. Around 130 children participated in this event, which took place at Bharat Nivas over four days and fifth day is in Matrimandir, Amphitheatre.

Sanjeev was invited as a special guest for this event and inspired the children by saying, “We are here to learn how to correct our sitting posture to make ourselves better”. Two senior Aurovillians, Varadarajan Iyya and Shyamala Amma, were also special guests for this event. They sponsored yoga mats for the children.

Last year, in 2023, the yoga marathon was held in Matrimandir, Amphitheatre. This time, the team planned and arranged everything to the best of their ability. They organized yoga mats for the children’s use and arranged healthy breakfasts. The children were divided into three groups: below 10 years old, 11 to 14 years old, and above 14 years old. This arrangement helped manage the groups effectively when teachers taught asanas and pranayamas.

@Amphitheatre, Matrimandir on Yoga Day

Sri Bhavani’s learnings:

I was inspired by the Organizing team in handling the children from different age groups and they took an effort to make things workable in the present which are missing in the past. Ajay, Sivaguru, Preethi, Meganathan from our team also contributed their support in distributing breakfast for the children with the organizing team. Shifuians (NithyaSanthosh and Pachayappan) were supported the event arrangement. I acknowledge the team members whoever supported this event and make it happen. I see the quality of Care, Sincerity and Generosity in them, I will use it in my life.

What do I notice differently this yoga session?

Usually, all the children were invited to Amphitheatre for this yoga marathon session. Techers will be at the center; children will follow the instructions of teacher. For this massive gathering it was hard for the teachers to handle the children to move forward the session.

This time teachers separated the children into 3 groups. Each day teacher will go in the rotational order for each group. One teacher taught us Surya namaskar and standing asanas, other teacher taught us pranayama’s and another teacher taught us sitting asanas and some difficult asanas. Children as well as teachers get enough to do asanas perfectly.

From our team, this time number of person showed interest towards yoga had increased. I felt happy for everyone’s participation.

Group Gathering @Bharat Nivas

Ajay’s Learnings:

I participated in the yoga marathon with children, and it was an amazing experience. I learned different asanas and noticed that practicing the old ones has greatly improved my physical health. The marathon lasted four days, with the fifth day being International Yoga Day. On that day, many people from Auroville joined us, and we also experienced a sound bath, which was wonderful. I helped manage the children and provided snacks for them daily during the five days.

I felt that my body became more flexible, and starting my day with some asanas made me feel refreshed throughout the day. Practicing pranayamas helped me to feel their benefits, and I learned about their uses. After Yoga Day, we continued practicing some of the asanas from the marathon in our campus in the morning after meditation, which I believe inspired some of my colleagues to join us next time to keep themselves healthy.

Sound Bath on Yoga Day

Poonguzhali’s Learnings:

My name is Poonguzhali I stand for courage for myself and others. When I participated in the Marathon yoga camp, I learned different asanas that helped me make my body strong, flexible, and balanced.  I learned breathing techniques that calm my mind and give me more energy. While doing meditation I find out how to relax my mind and focus on the present moment to feel more peaceful. When I do yoga at Bharat Nivas and Mathirmandir, I feel close to nature. I enjoy hearing birds singing and feeling the cool breeze on my face. It feels like nature feels peaceful inside. I had a great experience.

Preethi’s Learnings:

My name is Preethi. I stand for courage and kindness for myself and others. My insight from the yoga marathon is that it felt good to wake up early morning and do something that good for my body and mind. When I did yoga, I felt calm and energetic the whole day.  I learnt different Asana’s and exercises that make my body feel good and strong. And I find out how well I can concentrate and how to improve my focus. When I attended this yoga marathon I get to meet and practice with lot of children, which is really fun and helped me to feel more connected to those around me. I felt calmer and more peaceful and felt more connected to the natural world around me. The natural setting helps me connect more deeply with myself and my inner thoughts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to attend this workshop and I really had good time and enjoyed it.

Sivaguruprasath’s Learnings:

On attending the Marathon yoga, I feel energetic and calm and also, I felt responsible on guiding children to do Asana’s properly. Children were provided with morning breakfast, yoga mat and transportations. More number of students were participated than the last year. It was one of the very great opportunities for us to practice yoga regularly.

We practiced different Asana’s in different days of the week which enhances the relaxation of the different parts of the body.

Nithyasandhosh’s Learnings:

My name is Nithyasandhosh. I stand for kindness and equality for myself and others. I noticed that, practicing for YOSA for one week, dedicating one hour each morning, can be incredibly beneficial. This focused time allows me to make significant progress with consistency and discipline. Morning practice can enhance my concentration and set a positive tone for the rest of my day. Each morning session brings me one step closer to achieving my goals and excelling in my performance.


As part of the Mathegramming team, we initially planned a summer camp for students at STEM land. However, there is a buzz of STEAM and we decided to collaborate with other school teachers, including those from Auroville and the bioregion in a collective STEAM event. We formed a core group with Aikiyam, Deepanam, Transition, and STEM land, along with SAIIER for this collective event. We planned, created posters, and invited children to register for the event. There were two different posters: one for team captains (> 12 years) and another for children aged 8 to 12 years old.

We selected five topics: Forces, Magnetism, Electronics, STEM  Land (Makey Makey), and Biology, and named the event Auroville Schools STEAM Adventure! It took place from May 27th to May 31st. The goal was to foster collaboration between Auroville school children and those from the bioregion, break ageism, and create an environment where children of all ages could support and learn from each other. We reached around 140 children. Forces, Magnetism, Electronics, and Biology sessions were conducted in Bharatnivas, while Makey Makey was done in STEM land. The children were divided into five groups, named after colors: RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, PURPLE, and GREEN.

A special session was given to the captains before the event began. Each group had four captains (from different schools) and two facilitators from STEM land. An orientation program for team captains, volunteers, and facilitators was held on Saturday at STEM Land to prepare for the upcoming week.

Being a core group member of this program was a great experience for me, though it was a bit challenging to coordinate plans for facilitators from STEM land, especially with Tamil PC training and Tamil RTL sessions happening the same week. As a team, we supported each other and succeeded.

I supported the Mathegramming team in STEM land and conducted sessions where children explored who they are and what they deeply cared about, connecting these insights to their learning and how they wanted to apply their knowledge. During the session I viewed in that technology is value-neutral, and it is our choice to add values to it by knowing who we are and what we deeply care about.

I conducted the sessions in both English and Tamil, and it was interesting to see that even small children were able to articulate what they deeply care about and shared their insight on how to transcend their fears by reminding themselves of their universal values.

At the end of the STEAM fest children were so happy and they remembered each one us (even those who were not available for the closing) and thanked us by giving a small gift which made me feel more connected with them.


This event was well-organized, and the instructions were clear. The planning and execution went very smoothly. There were five stations, each focusing on one topic from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). I was part of the Orange Team. The first station we went to was Biology.


We were further divided into four groups. In the Biology station, there were three sub-stations: 1) Biology/Cells, 2) Leaf, and 3) Nest. We learned what an animal cell looks like and made an animal cell using crafts. At the Leaf sub-station, we imprinted leaves, identified the leaves around us, learned their names, and which family they belong to. Then, we moved on to making nests with natural materials found around us.

On the first day, we felt really happy about learning about the environment, and by the end of the session, we were able to make something to take home with us.


Technology is value neutral and we talked about the values we will add in technology to make it a force of good. The session started with an activity called “What Do I Deeply Care About?” Children from different societal backgrounds and schools participated. They explored questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my socialized fear?” The children were able to identify what they truly care about and what their socialized fears are.

Then, the STEM Land facilitators conducted a session on Makey Makey, which was really interesting for both the children and the captains. The roles of the facilitators and captains were very clear, and we were able to guide the children effectively. The children understood how Makey Makey works.

The children also found the caste puzzles intriguing and played various games in STEMLand. Most of the kids were fully engaged throughout the session.


They started by asking what we understand by the word “forces” and where we have seen or experienced it. It was a basic question with a simple answer: push or pull. The children found it interesting, and we fully enjoyed and engaged with the session. There were both theoretical lessons and activities. The children found the activities very interesting, felt they learned something new, and made something from the activities to take home.


There were four stations, and the children went to all the stations and participated in the activities. They learned how generators produce electricity, how iron can act like a magnet, and how magnetic energy can be transferred to iron through exercises. They also learned that sand contains magnet and how to identify a magnet. The story about Magnes was particularly interesting.


We learned how to use a multimeter. With the help of the multimeter, the children measured their body resistance and discussed why it is different for everyone. We explored the question: When an LED is connected through our body, will the LED glow?

The children performed experiments with a given circuit, drew the circuit diagrams, and tested them. For some children, the LED light glowed, while for others, it did not due to differences in body resistance. The children concluded that when body resistance is low, the LED glows brighter, and when body resistance is high, the LED glows dimly or not at all.

We repeated the same experiment with a potentiometer to adjust the resistance (R) value and control the brightness of the LED light.


My name is Sanjay and I stand for freedom and wisdom for myself and for others. As regards the STEAMFEST, I had the opportunity to volunteer only for one session, on Friday morning (May 31) in Bharat Nivas at Bhumika Hall for FORCES. I was in the purple group and was substituting for Poonguzhali who had to attend an all-day RTL PC training session on that day. The main topics covered were center of gravity and centrifugal force. I and the children found the center of gravity demonstrations to be the most fun

The most fascinating thing for me with regard to forces was a demo with regards to center of gravity that was similar to what was shown in this video, Balancing Toy 01 (CG below pivot) (

Another demo on center of gravity was similar to this though this was easier to understand than the previous one, This Weird Shape Rolls Uphill Instead of Down – YouTube

So this was quite a big learning experience from me even from a technical standpoint. The teacher was very friendly and passionate about her subject matter and freely engaged in a discussion with me as to why the object would not topple over. 

The children had a great time at the fest. There were some children who were truly wonderstruck by what was happening and seemed sceptical that some of the demonstrations were on the level. They really suspected some hanky panky and inspected the apparatus to verify that it was not rigged in some way. To me, this showed that the students were really engrossed and were not dozing off as happens in a formal instruction setting. It also showed a willingness to challenge and question the teacher, which is a pre-requisite for any one wanting to get to the bottom of things. I was very happy to see both these occurrences.

I hope that this experience goes some distance towards triggering a lifelong love for learning about natural phenomena. If that is the case for even one of the students who attended, then this FEST was a success


Through my interactions with children and undertaking stand and fear exercise with them, I was moved by hearing how reflective children are. Children picked characters like Spiderman and while we adults are quick to dispose the comic characters and movie characters, children seem to connect with them through their universal values. It was even more inspiring to see how children were scaffolded to use their universal values and think about innovative technology that helps others, especially in today’s times when technology is becoming synonymous with danger. Children came up with ideas like making a box that can sense touch and ring the alarm. However, there were elements of playfulness and joy in everything children did which allowed me to slow down and observe how children learn, mostly by making and tinkering which is a process they adopted while playing games and while learning art + STEM.

The gradual change from children walking-in clueless to leaving with knowledge about makey-makey, and scratch allowed me to think of the impact that meaningfully engaging with children can unfold. I observed that even when children were not asked to be inclusive, they attempted to collaborate and make everyone feel included. This helped me to shift my perspective from believing that kids from diverse groups won’t comfortably mingle.

Apart from that, engaging with children was full of joy.

The camp also gave me opportunities to interact with and help my team members. Doing simple things like checking the LEDs that are working and the ones that aren’t was fun because it wasn’t just sorting LEDs but it was also preparing for the next day so that when children come and learn, the process is seamless.


I volunteered to support the STEAM fest. It gave me an opportunity to engage with children. I took part in many activities and I observed the quality of deep listening within myself. This camp helped me to learn a lot of new things and to exchange my thoughts with the kids I worked with. I feel grateful for being a part of the STEAM camp and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent supporting it.


My name is premkumar I deeply care about courage and equality for myself and others from the STEAM fest what I have learnt about myself is giving challenge to myself will make me grow more and give challenges to children will also help them to grow and I learnt that making an enabling environment for children to learn is must so that they can enjoy learning and they feel that the time they invest is not wasted. The best part of the programme is children come up with their own creative ideas which is appreciative and they enjoyed it the most. Children were at their at full potential which is the aim of the programme I am so glad to be part of this programme and I have enjoyed it throughout the whole process.


My name is Tamil, and I stand for courage and compassion for myself and others. Being the Team Leader of the yellowTeam at the five-day STEAM Fest in Auroville was an amazing experience. The event took place at Bharath Nivas and STEMLAND, featuring different activities each day such as Electronics, Biology, STEM Land, Forces, and Magnetism. This variety kept the children excited to learn something new every day.

In my role, I learned a lot about leadership. I made sure everyone was involved, helped resolve any issues, and kept things running smoothly so the children could learn without distractions.

On the last day, the children wore matching outfits to show our group’s unity. Organizing this camp taught me how much effort it takes to bring together many schools and facilitators to teach children.

Overall, the STEAM Fest was a rewarding experience that helped me grow as a leader


My Name is Choudery, I stand for Justice and Equality for Myself and others.

In STEM FEST, I got an opportunity to support children with Electronics. A day strat with creating a team and then starts to explain the basics of electronics and components.

Topics chosen to teach children are

1. Find the Human body resistance

2. Identify the conducting and non – conducting material.

3.Glow LED using the body resistance.

4. Create a number using the 7 segment display.

When I start to work with children, they are very curious to learn electronics, they experience a taste of the small electric shock of a 9V battery. And then we ask them to find the body resistance, with the help of multimeter children set the multimeter to 2000 ohms and find their body resistance.This experiment was done in two ways with and without gel. In absence of gel the resistance value is high. Then children applied the gel in their hand tips and again checked the body resistance now the body resistance got reduced. This experiment gives the result that conductivity increases in the wet and decreases in dry surface. Then children start to find the conducting and non-conducting material inside the room using the multimeter in buzzer mode.This experiment helps the children to identify the  conducting and nonconducting material in the room. Then children start to do the experiment using the LED. The children like to find the polarity of LED terminals. Children find the difference in the LED and Identify the polarity of the terminal like longer is +ve and shooter is -ve. After that children start to make numbers in a 7 segment display.

My reflection about STEM FEST is I Learn new things from the questions raised from children.


I had a wonderful experience as the Team Leader of the Green Team in the STEAM Fest event, which was held at Bharath Nivas and STEMLAND for about five days in Auroville. Each day, we had different activities such as Electronics, Biology, STEM Land, Forces, and Magnetism. Since each day featured new activities, the children in our group were excited to learn something new every day.

This was a new experience for me, where I could see my leadership qualities as a Team Leader by involving everyone, resolving any issues the children had, and ensuring there were no misunderstandings among them so they could learn effectively and not disturb the facilitators conducting the sessions.

On the final day, the children were asked to wear the outfits given to them the day before to symbolize unity among the group. From this summer camp, I learned about the effort and involvement required to organize an event that involves many schools and their facilitators to provide children with knowledge on specific topics.


My name is Sivaguruprasath and I stand for courage, full potential and equanimity for myself and for others. I recollected the concepts that were learnt during my school days, especially the explanation of concept using materials were very much understanding for children as well. The children were enjoyed a lot and had fun also learnt the concepts. The coordinators and facilitators have done their job at their best. Volunteering the children at STEAM fest was a wonderful opportunity to understand the children better. I felt it is better to have activity sessions for children at their classes to make better understanding of the concepts.


My name is SandhiyaBala. I stand for courage, care and happiness for myself and others. I noticed that I have learnt many things in different topics like force, electronics, biology , magnetism and stem land. Mainly I learnt how to interact and engage children while teaching and doing activities.


My name is Arunkumar I stand for peace and equity for myself and others. The STEAM camp helped me to realise my leadership skills and care towards others.The children explored topics like Magnetism, Electronics, Biology,Force and Makey Makey. While leading them I also had a chance to learn every activities through real life practices which is completely different from what I learned during my schooldays. Overall children enjoyed the camp and they were enthusiastic to explore new things.

My Reflection on the Two-Week Vipassana Course

~ Sundaresan

The two-week morning Vipassana sessions have significantly helped me restart my daily meditation practice. Before this course, I struggled to sit for extended periods and concentrate on my breath. I had also lost confidence in my ability to focus on my sensations and found it challenging to control my emotions.

During the first three days, I experienced body pain and back pain due to the sudden requirement to sit for long periods. However, I noticed a difference compared to other days; the sessions brought me a sense of peace and refreshment that lasted throughout the day. By the third day, my back pain subsided. This positive impact extended to my work and family life, boosting my confidence to undertake a 10-day Vipassana course.

Additionally, Anapana practice has become a valuable tool for me throughout the day. Whenever I feel bad or face difficult situations, my mind automatically prompts me to practice Anapana. I have observed that meditation has a unique power to transform the mind in a short period. Without it, overthinking negatively affects my mental and physical health. Currently, I am able to notice my breath, though I still struggle to fully perceive my body sensations.


~ Sanjay

I have previously talked about morning meetings and the role they play at C3SLD. There are two other activities that are common to C3SLDers. One is the RTL workshops that comprises Levels 1 and 2, SDGs and PC Training. The other is 10-Day Vipassana courses. Youth at C3SLD are all required to attend at least one 10-day course with subsequent 10-day courses being optional (though highly encouraged) based on the individual’s own perspective, needs and observations.

Sanjeev sets an example by attending one 10-day course every year. And it is now almost a cliché` that every time, he returns from one such course, he is bursting with ideas and insights on how C3SLD can do more and do it better. One such idea was that for one week (which turned into two weeks after the week was up), we would replace the usual routine of morning meetings with Vipassana for the entire week. This was the schedule for the 2 weeks

Monday – Friday

  1. First 5-10 minutes: Short discussion on some Pali terms, some detail regarding the technique, posture, intentional breathing, review of the insights from discourses of the previous day, etc
  2. First 30 minutes: Anapana/Vipassana
  3. Next 30 minutes: GoenkaJi’s discourses
  4. Last 5-10 minutes: Video of one of the old students at the conclusion of a 10-day course regarding why they keep coming back for more 10-day courses

Saturday: Half day Vipassana course from 8:00 AM – 12:45 PM with a 20-30 minute break for breakfast

Here I will share my own perspectives about this break of routine. Generally, I sit daily for an hour at the very least. The first hour is a breeze while I really struggle to make the next hour. We can say that Monday to Saturday, I manage about an hour and 20-30 minutes on average and with the 4 hours on Sunday, I am able to average a little less than 2 hours/day over a period of a week. 

However, these two weeks, because there was Vipassana every morning, meditating 2 hours a day was a breeze. The one hour I was able to sit by myself with ease and the next hour with the youth at C3SLD. Group meditation is always easier than sitting individually and being able to sit with the group really made 2 hours/day very easy. So, since I was able to sit 2 hours each day for the entire week, and with the two half day courses, it amounted to an average of a little more than 2.5 hours per week.

What changes did I see in myself during this week? Here were all the mundane benefits/changes I saw these two weeks

  1. I usually struggle to exercise, however, this week, I was able to exercise every day for atleast an hour, either resistance training, or stretching, or Asanas or light movements and even some sports.
  2. Much enhanced concentration and efficiency when working
  3. Sometimes I joke (it may not be a joke) that I really moved to C3SLD because it would prevent me from whiling away my life in net surfing. This is something I still struggle with, though a lot less than 3 years back. However, this week, it was much diminished. I just did not feel like surfing the net at all. It felt much more fitting to take a walk, breathe the fresh air, stare at the trees or enjoy the scenery.
  4. I also had several insights about how I can live a healthier life. I will have a post on this after 6 weeks if these insights really help me.
  5. Much less getting carried away by my background conversations during walks or down time. I was able to detach from my background conversations, just allowing them to play themselves out without getting involved in them
  6. Able to wake up every single day before the crack of dawn, and wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep time was diminished from an average of 7 hrs/day to 5.5 hrs/day, a gain of 1.5 hours every day just from sleep.
  7. Was exquisitely and deliciously tired around 9:00 PM everyday. Body was tired but mind was fresh.

             All in all, a wonderful two weeks. Something I will remember years from now. I wish this could continue, but as an organization, we have a multi-disciplinary approach to personal development and personal growth such as book reading, RTL sessions and Learning sessions which we cannot neglect or ignore or reduce. Therefore, I feel very grateful for these two weeks. I feel very grateful that they happened and I feel very grateful for whatever caused Sanjeev to do this.

            I cannot wait for Sanjeev’s insights and changes he brings about when he returns from his 20-day Vipassana course.


~ Sanjay Tumati

At C3SLD, we start of the day by meeting together for approximately an hour every day Monday to Saturday. Much like an morning assembly they have the effect of keeping the group together. C3SLD is now a medium sized org with about 30 people spread over teams à Embedded Software, Drivers, Layout, Layout automation, Verification, Absolute and Mathegramming. With these many people, it is very easy to get into a silos and for members of one group to become isolated from those in other groups. Over time, an us Vs them mentality can also develop as seen in large organizations.

The morning meetings are a reminder as to what is common between all of us, why we are all in one team, what is our purpose as an organization, what is our purpose as individuals, how our purpose as individuals is aligned with our purpose as an organization among many other things. It is very well known that people come together over shared activities even more than over shared beliefs. The morning meetings are our shared activities and it is part of the glue that keeps us together as a team.

While keeping the team cohesive and connected is an important function of the morning meetings, it would be a tragedy if it was limited to that. After all, morning meetings could just have everyone playing board games and that would be enough to keep the group connected, however superficially. It would be better to utilize that time in a way that is wholesome, benefits the individual as well as the organization and also forms deeper connections between participants. It is my belief that the morning meetings at C3SLD do just that.  Here is our schedule during morning meetings

  1. Monday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM à Vipassana and Metta
  2. Tuesday
    1. 7:45 AM – 7:55 AM: Anapana
    1. 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Learning sessions, either technical or non technical. A sample of topics covered are TED talks, Unix OS, VI editor, Verilog programming, Mathematics, teaching effectively, Financial literacy, Social service etc
  3. Wednesday
    1. 7:45AM – 7:55AM : Anapana
    1. 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Radical Transformation leadership (RTL) sessions choosing selected topics from the RTL workshop
  4.  Thursday
    1. 7:45 AM – 7:55 AM: Anapana
    1. 8:00 AM- 9:00 AM: Book reading, currently RTL by Monica Sharma, Formerly Altered traits by
  5. Friday: 7:50 – 8:00 AM, Anapana, Layout team meeting with Aura and Software team, Mathegramming code reviews
  6. Saturday
    1. 8:00 AM – 8:10 AM : Anapana
    1. 8:10 AM – 9:00 AM: Weekly reflections
  7. Sunday (Optional): 8:00 AM -12 Noon à Half Day Vipassana course to serve old meditators in the greater Auroville and Pondicherry area. All Shifuians and 2-3 C3SLD youth attend every week.

My own perspective on these morning meetings is that it is a good start to the day, a positive start to the day. I always enjoy and look forward to hearing Sanjeev speak during these meetings and his perspectives give my mind nutritious food for thought. The 10 minute Anapana focuses the mind and the rest of the sessions reminds us as to why we are doing what we are doing. C3SLD is a growing organization comprised of individuals who have made a commitment to their own growth and the growth of others. The role played by morning meetings in this growth is not little.

SAIIER Annual report 2024 – STEM land

~ Poovizhi

Reporting period: 2023-24

This form is for reporting on the activities of a SAIIER Sub-unit over the last financial year. Please use as much space as you need for the report.

Please submit this report to SAIIER by April 30, 2024. For any questions or clarifications, please write to

1. Name of sub-unit: STEM Land (formerly Aura Auro Design)

2. Sub-unit executives: Sanjeev Ranganathan, Muralidharan, Vasanthraj

3. Report writer: Poovizhi.P

4. Introduction:

A few sentences. Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims? Were there any special goals this year?

STEM Land is a learning organization providing resources for anyone willing to learn in the fields of Science, Technology, Mathematics, Technology and English. The aim of the organization is to develop responsibility, equality and courage to create.

This year we started Mathegramming Academy to standardize the process of codifying STEM land. Worked with multiple schools Vasavi and government schools in the bio region. Conducted Hackathon event. Created Just In Time website to support teachers with math resources. We initiated Math intuition classes for children in the evenings where they discovered new patterns and logic and not just focus on answers. The team participated in the Inetegral Education workshop conducted in Auroville. We have partnership and collaborated with multiple schools.

We continued to support leadership working and training through being practitioner coaches for RTL (Radical Transformational Leadership) program to support individual and collective growth in Auroville and beyond.

5. Enrollment/beneficiaries:

For schools: number of students in each grade.

For other sub-units: who were the beneficiaries and how many people participated?

We work intensively with Isai Ambalam School and Udavi school

Around 10 youth have enrolled for BNB Shifu program which started in 2021.

We generally work with around 400 children across the schools either though our own Centers or supporting centers at Thamarai, Vasavi, Government schools in bioregion.

15 students have enrolled for B.Voc programme

87 students participated in the Mathegramming Hackathon tournament.

6. Activities of the year:

In general and/or highlights. Who, what, when…

Mathegramming Academy:

Mathegramming Academy aims to build Responsibility and Rigor in children and generate Results through Online mentoring of Mathematics through projects in programming, electronics, and through leadership in action. It is a unique blend of visual mathematics and programming. This approach not only makes mathematics more engaging but also helps students internalize abstract concepts by visualizing them through code. It also allows children to share something concrete with their peers adding a sense of responsibility to their learning, enhancing problem solving skills, and gives confidence and a sense of accomplishment. The team works towards the following shifts:

  1. Mediocracy to excellence
  2. From rote learning of concepts to looking at visualization of the concepts and encouraging critical thinking.
  3. From Disempowering isms like classism, groupism, and genderism to a creative space.

They also conducted sessions for STEM land teachers on Geogebra that would step up their ability to interact and engage with children.

Hackathon tournament:

The Mathegramming team organized Hackathon tournament to foster creativity and learning. 94 students from 6th to 9th grade enrolled in this tournament from different schools in and around Auroville. On the day of the event, 87 students came. In addition, many youth and children who had been exposed to STEM land in the past including our B.Voc students volunteered as mentors to support each team. The session started by the enquiry of sourcing our inner capacities followed by introduction to the modules created by the Mathegramming academy which could make children code faster. We invited Judges from various organizations- Lopa from Ashram, Sanjay, Pratap, Vasanthraj, and Duraiswamy from C3StreamLand Designs, ShankarDevi from Thalam, Julian from Vaasavi International School, Arun from Aura semiconductor, Bridget from Thamarai, Bharani from AIAT and Chitralekha from Pondicherry University. It was enriching to see that we had reached out to so many children/youth in the past who were enthusiastic to support others learn. There was an equal mix of boys and girls at the hackathon and they all worked with each other harmoniously. The tournament showcased the values of equality, responsibility, and the courage to create. It demonstrated the transition from individual to group learning, with strong communication between mentors and mentees. The exchange of ideas between different age groups was a testament to the Academy’s commitment to holistic learning. It was heartening to see the breaking of barriers and the shift from silos thinking to interdependence.

Hackathon workshop on Electronics:

The Mathegramming team wanted Children to connect electronics to the world around them and they will relate Electronics to the Mathematics they have been learning. was set up to encourage creativity and learning at every stage. We conducted the workshop for around 40 children and the children were from different schools. Our team mixed the children from different schools. So that children got different perspectives, encouraging working together, increased their communicative skills. We introduced concepts such as batteries, resistors, LEDs, variable resistors, capacitors, and their symbols, enabling students to draw circuit diagrams. We also demonstrated how the sensor (LDR) works, and students provided different perspectives on how to incorporate LDRs into their circuits. We explained capacitors as being like buckets, where the battery acts as a reservoir of charge. Students learned that capacitors with higher capacity can hold more charge. They observed the capacitor’s functionality by charging it using the battery and discharging it through the LED. Children were also given some challenges on which worked in teams.

Partnering and collaborating with multiple schools:

  1. Vaasavi International School

Mathegramming Academy and Vaasavi International School have partnered to enhance math learning for students. The partnership focused on using technology to create more engaging and interactive math lessons. Our learning modules synthesize the technical development of a teacher along with developing competence and supporting inner capacity with RTL (Radical Transformational Leadership) tools. This is because skill in itself is insufficient to create meaningful and sustainable change in society.

Vaasavi International School is a private CBSE school in Puducherry that offers a holistic education. The school has been selected to be a model school in Pondicherry for implementing NEP and this is where we are supporting them. For Mathegramming Academy reached out to 160 children in 7th grade. Vaasavi International School will be able to offer its students more engaging and interactive math lessons. The partnership is a significant step forward for both Mathegramming Academy and Vaasavi International School and a sign of their commitment to using technology to enhance math and science learning.

  • Government schools located in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam

Mathegramming Academy organized sessions in government schools located in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam. These training sessions aimed to equip students with the tools and techniques needed to create engaging and impactful learning experiences. Mathegramming Academy’s teacher and children training sessions in Edayanchavadi and Bommayarpalayam illuminated a path toward a brighter future for education. As we celebrate this remarkable endeavor, we continue to champion innovative approaches in education especially for those who do not have access to it.

  • Arulvazhi school

STEM land teachers had a session with Arulvazhi school students who came for the first time to STEM Land.

Students’ insights after the session at STEM land:

          “In the beginning, we felt that we were in a place that had technical materials that would be difficult to handle and learn. But we felt connected to the teachers here and they explained in such a way that it was so clear and easy.”

          “When I was doing robotics on my own and made it work, it was so encouraging for me. I am becoming more confident in myself.”

  • Smart vacuum cleaner with a child from Study International school

A child from the 7th grade from Study international school has come to STEM Land for making a vacuum cleaner robot as part of her school project and she wanted to make it by her own with some guidance from STEM land. At the beginning her parents were told to buy the required components for the project then Shivashankar a member of Mathegramming Academy has volunteered to help that student in the project and were able complete it. The vacuum cleaner robot project clearly shows that learning can be fun and creative and also interactive. The girl and her family were also happy after completing the project it also created a space for co-creation and we hope her project will also inspire other children to make one on their own and we hope it will make a great impact on Mathegramming and also in children lives by adding values to learning and application of that learning in life.

Just In Time Website:

We created a website called Just In Time (JIT) teacher – that supports teachers on new ways of looking at concepts and projects and activities with it. It contains projects and videos based on specific mathematical topics that support teachers to teach and introduce mathematical concepts visually and logically. Users can search for topics or even by grade level.

Yoga :

At STEM land we embrace unending education and constant progress. Auroville brings many opportunities for this. For the commencement of the Auroville festival in 2024, the Yoga gathering happened at Matrimandir Amphitheater, Auroville, from Feb 22 to Feb 26. From STEMland, a few teachers attended the Yoga session along with students from Udavi and Isai Ambalam schools. There were also children from other schools.

Every Saturday, our group from STEM land, goes to the Matrimandir amphitheater for yoga with around 150 children. We had also experienced a special sound healing yoga session conducted by Mr. Balu, an executive from Mohanam, with guidance from Muthukumari and her team.

Radical Transformational Leadership:

We have a team building session where everyone comes together to look at their leadership ability – leadership means “my ability to create new future grounded on universal values”. These RTL sessions helps to look at oneself within deeper and reflect on it. We see RTL program as both personal transformation and a team building program.

RTL for B.VOC and family members:

C3stemland organized a radical transformation leadership program in Tamil at Auroville SAIIER conference hall. It was a one-day program in Tamil, facilitated by Srilatha Juva, Professor at TISS. B.VOC students and teachers, SAIIER staffs, employees, volunteers and their family members were invited for the program. The primary objective of the program was to help participants identify their stand, fear, four profiles and gain a deeper understanding of their background conversations, system principles, and design from universal values. By participating in these sessions, participants were able to develop a new project that addressed their problem statement, focusing on self-growth or social issues, and using their potential to bring about positive change in themselves and their communities. Around 55 people took part of the program.

Poster presentation at International Commission on Mathematical Instruction conference:

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) symposium is a major international conference that brings together mathematicians, mathematics educators, and researchers from around the world to discuss current issues and challenges in mathematics education.

Out team presented a poster presentation on how the Isai Ambalam School in India used cultural celebrations and festivals to promote universal values and environmental consciousness among its students. The research methodology employed the theoretical framework of interrupting disempowering ISMs (rigid and disempowering mindsets) and the wisdom profile that embodies universal values to address all ISMs simultaneously. The philosophy underlying the C3STREAM Land is based on the progressive and constructivist thinkers such as Bruner, Papert, and Sri Aurobindo, who emphasized self-knowledge and integral development. The interventions discussed in the poster include Aadi festival and garden, Maavoli, Christmas decoration and fair, and Pongal, which provided opportunities for students to learn about different topics, such as monsoons, environmentally conscious alternatives, and traditional games, and encouraged higher-order thinking skills. Overall, the poster emphasizes the importance of collective effort beyond silos of subject learning to promote universal values and create empowering narratives through festivals and celebrations.

Session on Data Privacy for Udavi  School teachers:

C3streamland organized a session on Data privacy for the teachers of Udavi School and STEMland. Dr. Sanjeev Ranganathan briefed on data privacy and some of the ways by which our personal data can be protected. As we teachers handle children, we must be aware of ourselves and educate children.

Sanjeev discussed the applications of Artificial intelligence and the intended and unintended consequences of technology. He also briefed on how to transcend it by self-awareness. The policies on data protection and the strong need to have data protection policies were also discussed. As a part of self-awareness, a few smart ways to have personal data protected by ourselves were discussed. Some of them are noticing our engagement with phones by turning on the digital well-being in the smartphones, turning off unwanted notifications, not just randomly accepting without even going through the privacy policies, cookies management, and software to protect passwords.

7. Outcomes:

What was created; how did participants benefit?

Mathegramming academy – Creates modules in Scratch to support children program faster and visualize mathematics. We were able to partner with Vaasavi school, collaborate with government schools in Edaiyanchavady and Bomayarpalayam and Arulvazhi school. Conduct tournaments and workshops for children to learn mathematics through programming and electronics while connecting with real life challenges from the space of their universal values.

At the same time codify STEM land and create Just In Time teacher support website.

8. Research highlights:

Please describe anything done in the last year which was especially research-oriented or innovative. What did you find out, and will you take it further?

Breaking Silos Through STREAM Education And Using The Wisdom Profile To Engage With Culture,  March 2023

We found out the importance of collective effort beyond silos of subject learning to promote universal values and create empowering narratives through festivals and celebrations.

9. Reflections:

What was most meaningful this year? What was challenging and what was learned?


When working with my team, I deliver my project at the correct time. But sometimes I am out of integrity. So, I want to fill the gaps with my universal values and plan my time before doing. While working with the team I felt creative thinking about different forms of support, generosity, and how to collaborate. It makes finding new ways to create positive changes in my project and life. When I was at my full potential, I noticed that I accomplished the things I planned to do. It also helped me to observe that when I work effectively, I can progress. It makes me find new ways to create positive changes in my project. When I work with my team, I feel creative thinking about various ways to support and collaborate. This helps me come up with new ideas for my project, and it makes learning programming easier. I noticed my integrity I felt happy and light but I am out of integrity I thought about how to narrow the gap with my universal values. Before starting a project, I try to understand how I can make it better. I talk to my team and listen to what they say. This helped me to make the project successful and also I learned how to acknowledge others with my universal values.


My name is Premkumar I deeply care about courage and equality for myself and others. From the past one year I reflect on myself I learnt that I can also be part of children growth and I can help them to be at their full potential and as well as I also grow as an individual and it helps me to organize myself better. The most beautiful thing in working with children is that it is always interesting and something fresh so it always motivated me to be a better version of myself. I am grateful for the opportunities that I got to improve myself and help others to improve their lives as well.


            Before joining stem land, I never looked at whether I’m in integrity or out of integrity in what I’m doing. Now each day I’m reflecting whether I’m in integrity or not. And also, I’m speaking out when ever needed. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. One important insight is that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow my ability. When I face difficult in task, it pushes me to figure things out and become better at what I do. I’ve also realized the importance of feedback. Constructive feedback helps me see the areas where I can grow and do things better. And I’ve learnt that it’s good to keep learning new things. It’s not only helps me to grow my ability and also helps me to adapt to the new things. And also, I learnt that everyone will have some fear in their life. What more important is I have to be courage and work from my stand. Now a days even if I have fear, I’m working from my universal values. Instead of thinking about what will go wrong, I’m giving my best. I get to learn something new that I never learnt before. Even something I know; I learnt it again in different method. Whenever I learn new thing, I feel accomplished and I feel like it’s a stepping stone for me to grow. Last year I get to work lot with children, when I teach them math concept in different ways, I had been working patiently with them, trying different approaches to explain the idea. And when they understood the concept, it’s makes me happy and proud because it showed that the work, I do with children can make a big difference in their learning.


            Noticing my gaps when things were not move forward by sourcing my universal values, I can narrow the gaps and I see the alignment when things move forward. Noticing when I am in integrity and out of integrity helps me to ask a clear committed request and with that I can give my committed request. In some cases, working as a team brought me solution quicker instead of overthinking by myself. Allocating time for myself helped me to improve my mental health. The Achievements and acknowledgement in the last year gave me confidence and to be motivated and helped me to be a better of myself in this year.


            I learnt that mostly I do what I say, when I couldn’t do I fill the gap responsibly to the best I could. I noticed that there are many things that I learned here which I must have learned in the college and school, and it is not late to learn new things.

I noticed that when I accomplish something I feel good and I want to do more.

 From the above, I found that what kind of person I am in holding integrity. When I am out of integrity, it makes me to take action and fill the gap rather than feeling guilty about it. I am very grateful for the things I learnt after joining here. Though it is hard to accept that the way I learned everything is wrong and the inspiration that I got to continue my higher studies is actually nothing much. Now, I am moving forward with the things I learned and rather than blaming that I was taught wrong. I feel good to work on what I learnt.


            My name is Ajay, and I stand for love, happiness, and self-awareness for myself and others. I’ve been part of C3SLD for almost one and a half years, where everyone has opportunities to work with children and learn new things. I joined in 2022, participating in the Shifu program, which became a turning point in my life, surpassing the learning I gained during my four years of college. C3SLD provides a beautiful culture and environment where I collaborate with experienced individuals who have more experience than my age.

In the past year, I learned to hold my integrity, share my knowledge with others for the growth of myself and others, and support others during their unavailability. Practicing RTL has helped me perform at my best, notice myself where I can improve by using tools like feedback, integrity, etc. This practice guides me in addressing problems in much better ways.

Reflecting at the end of each week helps me to see my progress and what are all the gaps I need to fill in the upcoming week. These things encourage me to get more involved in activities and events, contributing to the organization.

Engaging in sports or going for a walk at the end of the day keeps me healthy, and I can see the difference compared to the previous year. I acknowledge Sanjeev Anna and seniors for their constant support towards everyone’s growth. I recognize the quality of care and progress I’ve witnessed, and I will apply these values in my life.


            We are not individuals doing a single task. We work to support students in school and contribute to Aura’s multitasking. We also engage in spiritual growth, starting our day with meditation and participating in one hour of group sitting each week. During our morning meetings, we share our daily plans and any information that can be beneficial to our teammates. Learning sessions are included, along with reflection sessions based on the RTL Tool, which we practice every week.


I have had many opportunities to expand my knowledge, energy and skills as a part our organization that values learning, growth, work, and teaching. I have gained a deeper understanding of the values, as well as the importance of spiritual and personal development through participation in various activities and programs like RTL, Vipassana, and visiting Auroville communities, being a part of community life, IEPG,and PE training program. My learning experiences have led to a greater sense of purpose and direction, allowing me to approach my work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I have also developed a stronger sense of community and shared my knowledge and experience with others, helping them to grow as well. Overall, my learning within this organization has been a transformative and rewarding experience, leading to personal growth and alignment with both the organization and the wider community. I am encouraged to keep learning and keep growing.


C3SLD is a learning environment. When I first came in, I was very much worried about whether this would be the right place and what I am going to do here. As I started learning and doing things, this feeling of overwhelming completely went away. I have taken part in many programs organized here. This helped me to get connected with other people and work as a team. I came to know about RTL and Vipassana only after joining this organization. RTL has greatly helped me to understand who I am from inside and Vipassana has helped to control my emotions and be equanimous. I have also learnt a lot of technical stuffs over here with an open mind. Whenever I needed help, people over here supported me without judging me for not knowing something earlier. This increased my interest towards learning several things over the past year. On the whole, I feel I have joined in the right organization where I can grow as a person and also support others around me to grow.


My name is Kugan, and I stand for equality for myself and others. I have learned to uphold integrity in everything I do. In this organization, I have observed that I can learn, teach, work, and grow not only as an individual but also as a team member. We focus on innovating in mathematics concepts and material-based learning for children, as well as for ourselves. The environment is supportive of any initiative taken, providing feedback that helps me share what I learn with others during learning sessions.

I can handle multiple responsibilities as both an engineer and a teacher, which makes me more effective in my personal life as well. This environment supports me in leading a positive life by introducing and conducting various workshops, such as RTL, IE, etc.


I am able to notice whether I am aligned with our values through creating blogs, and supporting teams. what I have learned is not only sticking with one domain should have diversity in learning for more exploration. This year I am able to focus on outcomes rather then output.


This organization helped me to notice my actions and my purpose.  I notice gaps to fill, This organization helped me to be close to my purpose in life. I mingled with everyone in order to break group-ism and I Shuffled children into groups in order to break gender-ism also  I’m able to noticed my out of integrity and to change it with  being in integrity. I’m great full with the opportunities I have here to learn and grow as a team.  I published more blogs and started vlogs as a new initiative. I felt happy to participate in the all activities and programs, planning and term work came out very well and I learned how to solve mistakes without judging me

Sri Bhavani:

C3SL/SL gives me greater opportunity to see my growth through my learnings. This environment supported me to notice gaps in my actions and values, directed way to narrow that gap through the opportunities in different ways. I got opportunities to learn more about Integral education and interact with teachers from other Auroville schools and Auroville outreach schools.

 I started to respect others time when I work through integrity lens. It helped me to create healthy relationship with team members as well as in family. I am able to notice that when I am in integrity, I value others time and effort. When I am in integrity, I can see myself as whole and complete. It helped to narrow the gaps to make myself complete.

My effectiveness and efficiency are also depending on my interest and peaceful mindset. Apart from interest, I can also see my efficiency is depends on my rigor in doing things. When I feel accomplished in what am I doing, it improves my efficiency to achieve more in results. I am able to improve my efficiency through my achievements and accomplishments.

Also helped me to look back what I have done well and how can I do it differently in the upcoming opportunities.


Whenever I am in Integrity I feel accomplished. Integrity taught me importance of the time. A habit of integrity makes myself as more consistent person. Perseverance is most important thing to learn anything new. Sharing my learnings to others is helping to thinking about the concept more deeply. I learnt Whenever I see my full potential, I realise actually that is not my full potential, I have more than that.


My name is TAMILARASAN. I stand for courage and compassion for myself and others. Being part of C3steamland makes me grateful, as the whole organization provides more opportunities to learn, grow, and teach. Here, children are getting more opportunities to learn with new technologies. As employees, we hold more responsibilities, which gives me more confidence to handle many things in social life as well.


My name is Duraisamy Pandurangan, and I am deeply care about dignity, wisdom, and freedom for both myself and others. Over the years, I have achieved meaningful milestones, particularly in supporting children’s education in electronics, microcontrollers, Python, machine learning, operating systems, and mathematics, integrating these concepts into their day-to-day lives. Through this effort, children have gained the ability to apply mathematical principles to real-time problems.

I have also contributed to the development of a new curriculum for B. Voc electronics in collaboration with AIAT, ensuring that these syllabuses align with industrial requirements to fulfill the needs of the students. Additionally, I have engaged in global interactions through RTL sessions, sharing new initiatives and problem statements with others. This collaborative approach has allowed me to articulate system shifts and cultural changes that I envision for the future, while providing technical solutions based on project statements.

Being an integral part of the STEM community, I actively contribute to the growth and development of youths and children. I eagerly anticipate new opportunities to extend this support to everyone.


My name is Meganathan, and I deeply care about courage, love, and equality for myself and others. This year, I feel accomplished in moving forward with my growth to the next step and understanding real-time math problems. I worked with children to create materials for learning.

I see myself as part of the STEM landscape, supporting multiple people and children for their growth.


Last year I have been part of many things like handling finance, Mentoring shifuians and BVOC students, supporting kitchen related tasks, research paper, contributions for Au53xx, Au55xx, Au5328, Au56xx, Au5010, Au1901 and absolute project and RTL PC training and workshop organizing. Working and being with many new people helped me learn new skills from them and also teach them what I knew. For this year also, I hope to retain the things that have helped me grow in all aspects. I noticed how much I have contributed by being in integrity to the growth of our organization and would like to improve in the areas where I lack integrity as an individual and as a team. Revisiting the time spent and things I learnt last year, I realized that I should increase the time for learning and focus on things to learn that are relevant to my area of work or interests me personally and also on sports and health.


            I am able to notice that, the more I am being responsible the more I take initiatives. The alignment with my values and the organization helps me to take responsibilities and feel whole. I was able to notice the gap in taking care of my health and I need to work on it.

Sandhya Bala:

My name is Sandhiya Bala Anand, and I deeply care about courage, care, and happiness for both myself and others. I specialize in automating batch processes and ensuring the timely delivery of testing documentation for various projects and clients. I have acquired skills in C code testing, project regression testing, and website development. In addition to my technical expertise, I actively engage in personal development through meditation, workshops, and courses.

I collaborate with my team members, support mentees, and contribute to the development of school software features. I have successfully managed diverse responsibilities, including handling Aura’s work, supporting mentees in Shifu, training BVOC students, and caring for my family.

I am eager to delve into Python scripting and excited about taking on new responsibilities while anticipating upcoming challenges in the coming year. I look forward to embracing these new responsibilities and dedicating time to engage with my learning, preparing for the challenges that lie ahead in the upcoming year.


Over the past year, I achieved significant milestones across various dimensions. I successfully published two research papers in MES12 and had the privilege of representing the organization at the ICMI conference, where I also presented at the symposium and published an abstract. Professionally, I actively contributed to diverse projects such as au4693_revA, au4693_revA1, au4693_revB, au4851kA2, au5070, au6316, and Au4852. These projects involved crucial tasks, including making changes to sub-blocks and contributing to tape-out procedures.

In terms of technical skills, I participated in RTL book readings and  I played a key role in setting up and enhancing the office infrastructure, including internet and Ethernet cables. This involved communication with the Arinoco team to improve internet connectivity. I also took on responsibilities for office networking, which included organizing routers, switches, and procuring new equipment.

On a personal growth level, I dedicated time to activities such as meditation, Vippasana, and regular reflection practices. This holistic approach to well-being supported my overall growth. I took new responsibilities, including managing the Shifu Program, FCRA Finance, and office network. I also actively engaged with the Isai Ambalam school by organizing events like Karthigai and Christmas celebrations and contributing to environmental efforts by planting palm sprouts and turmeric plants. I learned the importance of making responsible decisions and doing things for the benefit of others’ growth. I emphasized integrity in both personal and professional aspects. Overall, the year was marked by accomplishments, personal and professional growth, and a commitment to contributing positively to both the workplace and the community.


To be part of C3STREAMLand This is my 6th year with this organization. I see myself getting better and better in many ways. Whatever the decision I take that come from my consciousness not influenced by others. This environment made me to be independent and to take correct or wrong decision but it always come from me. Whatever the interpretation I make I have to face the consequences. Lot more to work with myself independently. Being here is my lifetime cherishing moment. I love working with younger kids and would like to continue with them. I am being true to myself and this organization. When I am being true, I expect the same thing from the person or the organization, when this is not happening, I am able to accept it and move forward. I can only change myself not the others. I feel this is very good realization for me. The work I do with love and care and I use RTL tools often at work. I feel this organization supported for my growth and I valued all the opportunity I received.

I believe I am at the correct place. I spent most of my time here and those times are very valuable and this learning never going to end. This environment gave me wonderful support to be at my full potential. Every moment and every opportunity I get, I valued them all and used it wisely. I can see my continuous growth and support towards others, At school I spend my time with children those were my grateful moments. I love being with the kids and learn a lot from them. I am being in integrity with this organization and with myself. This is the right place for me to be here and work, and support the children.


When I am working on the Palm and Monsoon projects with children, I looked for the alignment of values, system shifts and the actions. The values are responsibility and creativity, system shift as unorganised to work in a group, the actions are chart work and notes preparation. When children work in groups, I always make sure that the group is a mix of boys and girls and interrupt ISMs.

Support the initiative started by the organization which includes Mathegramming team (supporting on taking RTL in schools) and Shifu program (Mentoring Prem Kumar).

I have been involved in the verification process of various SPS variants, including au4851k revA4, au4851k revA5, au4851k revA6, au4851k revB, au4991k revA3, and au4852k revA. I identified the causes of my ineffectiveness and began working on them, which include distributing my work with Sundaresan, turning off mobile internet during work hours, handling financial tasks in the evening, engaging directly with the Aura team, and maintaining an Excel sheet with project status and debug issues and started documentation of my work.

Recognizing that manual waveform checking is time-consuming, I have started automating waveform using Ocean scripting and skill scripting. Additionally, I am investing time in learning the XRUN tool, simvision tool options, Spectre commands, vim and sed commands too.

10. Conclusion:

Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year.

We will continue the codification of STEM Land as well as look to offer workshops with partners

11. Links and attachments:

Photos (please attach as separate files), links to videos and websites, any other supplementary material that you would like to share.


Blogs and about the unit :

JIT website:

Session with Thamarai Students

~Poovizhi, Soundhariya, Ilakya, Premkumar, Dinesh, Preethi, Sanjay

Thamarai (After school program) did a summer camp. Our Mathegramming team visited Thamarai to support students by explaining mathematical concepts visually and in a way that is fun. Our goal at Thamarai was to create a space for students to not only understand mathematics but also to enjoy it.

Visualizing place values:

Using Dines blocks, students were able to figure out what each place value means, such as ones, tens, hundreds, and beyond. They started to play with the numbers in a fun and hands-on way, and they could also identify the place values accurately.

We also introduced another method using sketch pencils. Students can increase their exploration with these pencils. They can use these pencils to identify the arrangements of Dines blocks, understanding the importance of each place value. Whether it’s a simple two-digit number or a multi-digit number, they can figure it out with the help of sketch pencils.

Working with the Thamarai students was a fantastic experience for both the Mathegramming team and the students.

As the team worked with the students, we noticed that everyone was learning new things without even realizing it. It was amazing to see how these simple ways of explanation could turn into grand adventures of thinking and learning. Students started to work together, sharing their ideas and exploring new things.

As our time with the Thamarai students came to an end. They had been amazing to work with, and we were grateful for the memories we shared. On our last day together, the students surprised us with a special ceremony to say thank you to the Mathegramming team.

Sitting in a circle, they each spoke about what they had learned and how much they enjoyed our time together.

To show their gratitude, the students gave each of us a gift. They were simple things, like the handcrafted sand pots they had made and written acknowledgment letters. But they meant a lot because they showed that our time together had meant something special to them.

The experience taught us that teaching and learning are about more than just books and lessons it’s about building connections and creating moments that make a difference for a long time.

We also covered other mathematical topics like decimal division, exponents, algebraic questions- finding age of a person, area rectangle, Introduction about similar triangles.

Divisibility rule:

We taught divisibility rules, By explaining the rules for each number, such as divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, students gain a deeper understanding of how numbers interact and can quickly determine whether a number is divisible by another. Later we gave them a random number to divide, there they learned about the recurring and non-terminating decimal numbers.

Decimal division:

In teaching decimal division, we explained a simple method for removing decimal points: multiply or divide by powers of 10. By using numbers like 10, 100, or 1000, we can shift decimal points to make division easier. This practical approach helped students grasp the concept and handle decimal calculations more effectively.

Laws of exponents:

We first explained how these rules work by expanding powers. By breaking down the concepts of multiplication and division involving exponents, students gained a solid understanding of the laws. We then applied this knowledge to the order of equations, focusing on multiplying terms and simplifying expressions using the laws of exponents.

Similar triangles:

The students enjoyed using the geoboard to make different similar triangles and see how they were alike. It helped them understand similar triangles better and practice geometry in a fun way.

Reflections from Thamarai:

“I want to acknowledge your support during the camp and the dedication, you created with the students inspiring us. Thank you so much for the effective iterative session for making the student. self-examine and understand the basic concepts. We will follow up with the report soon and share it with you.” – Savithri on behalf of Thamarai team

Reflections from the team:

My name is Premkumar I deeply care about courage and equality for myself and others what I had felt while working with Thamarai children that I can also learn as many things as possible when I really care about others learning and growth it made me feel so special while working with kids and I really enjoyed the whole process and learnt that I can give something to the kids which they can teach to others and the peer learning will be excellent.

My name is Ilakyaarasi I stand for patience and courage for myself and others. I had a great time with the students. The students were calm and patient to learn from us though it didn’t match with their main core.

My name is Soundhariya I stand for courage for myself and others. Working with Thamarai children, I noticed that they learn to think differently to solve problems by creating their own stories, games, and using math-related materials. Everyone was learning new things without even realizing it, making them more energetic and effective. This approach helps them understand how it relates to daily life.

My name is Dinesh, I stand for care and perseverance for myself and for others. While working with the Thamarai children, I realized the importance of understanding where they get stuck in problem-solving or approaching a problem. I found it effective to engage with them at their level, whether they misunderstood the problem or were unsure how to proceed after certain steps, by offering various approaches such as using pen and paper methods or math materials


Interacting with the Children at Thamarai was an extremely enjoyable experience. I wish I could have stayed longer than 11:00 AM each day, but I was grateful that I was even able to spend that amount of time with the children. 

I would like to Acknowledge both Sanjeev and the Mathegramming team for their support and for their creative approach to teach Math using materials. It is the teaching materials which made math more like a game than anything else. Mathegramming team members also told me about how enjoyable it was for them to interact with the Children at Thamarai. What stood out for all of us was the enthusiasm of the Children for learning via the materials

I wish to thank the entire team at Thamarai for providing us with the opportunity to do something meaningful and enjoyable. I hope for many more such opportunities for collaboration between StemLand and Thamarai in the future. 

Nayanmargal drama: Rehearsal and Final Play

~ Sivaguruprasath, Ajay, Poonguzali, Arunkumar, Rajesh, Sandhiya S, Soundhariya, Sharmila, Premkumar M, Nithya Sandhosh, Tamilarasan, Premkumar, Poovizhi, Duraisamy, SandhiyaBala

The drama rehearsal happened for about two and half days for the stage preparation, ensuring correctness and coordination of the characters. Additionally, adjustments to lighting for scenes and sound checks were completed for the dance and songs.

The children from grades 4 to 8 from our school contributed their roles in the play, and two teachers played the roles of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Our STEM teachers have guided and supported the children in making drama utilities, coordinating rehearsal and managing stage play.

The final stage play presented on March 7, 2024, on a Thursday evening (on a day before Sivarathri) at the Bharat Nivas auditorium in Auroville. Thirumuraiyai kanda cholan (jpUKiwiaf; fz;l Nrhod;) – The story depicted occurred over 1000 years ago during the rule of King Raja Raja I, who discovered the Thirumurai (inscriptions written by followers for Lord Shiva, notably Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar, Manikkavasagar) with the help of Nambiyandaar Nambi and Thiruvasagam story by Manikkavasagar. It was enacted by children as depicted in the inscription. The drama showcased our cultural heritage and history. It also showcased the challenges and the values of different individuals and how they overcame them using universal values and inner capacities. We believe that by bringing our culture and history to life, we can foster a deeper appreciation and understanding among our audience, connecting them with the profound roots of our identity and instilling a meaning and purpose to life.        

Here are the reflections from out STEM teachers on their contribution,


My name is Sivaguruprasath and I stand for courage, full-potential and equanimity for myself and for others. On participating in supporting the drama I feel so satisfied and also I learned about my own potential in managing and coordinating such an event. During rehearsal of the event we planned the positioning of backdrop setup, Nataraja statue, Palanquin(pallakku) and giving feedback for the children performance.

During the final play, I took up the role of changing collar microphones for the children according to their respective characters they were playing. The children cooperated well, and I also managed them for their next scenes.


My name is Ajay, and I stand for self-awareness for myself and others. From the Nayanmargal drama, I learned that team effort will pay off in the end. It helps people understand each other and listen to their ideas. I noticed myself putting my full potential into different roles: preparing materials, organizing people, and involving everyone to support seating allocation for children in the auditorium and distributing snacks. I felt happy, and this was a new experience in supporting such big events at our school.


My name is Poonguzhali I stand for courage for myself and others. I volunteered to support the drama. I engaged in making questions based on the story and took part in background painting, craft jewellery, and decoration. I observed the quality of deep listening. This quality helped me to exchange my thoughts and enabled me to accomplish the tasks I did.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, I feel grateful to the school.


I was appointed as a microphone manager, and that’s a task for which I have to be honest and on time. Constantly engaging with changing microphones to the next character’s. It’s more challenging work than I have done for a while. Moreover, the little acknowledgement and recognition from a stranger urge me to engage in such activities. The children were aware that their voice should reach out to everyone in auditorium they ensured that before going to perform the mic is turned on and after coming they voluntarily asked us to turn it off.  In order to not make noise while others performing.


My name is Rajesh, I stand for care and integrity for myself and others. I learned that When I am at my full potential, the outcome I can produce is higher and by the output, people get inspired. This can generate a new system in which everyone can involve themselves. I also learned how consistent I can be when I say ‘yes’ and get that done. This creates a huge trust in me. Throughout the practice and final performance, whatever support I was asked, I first said ‘Yes’, then we Did it. In doing the work, I was able to involve everyone from my team. As I was aware of what each individual could do, it was easier to get the required output from each individual.

Sandhiya S:

My name is Sandhiya. I stand for progress as happiness, and love for myself and others. I am happy to be part of the drama presentation. It was so nice to see children participating actively, fully involved, and working as a team. I noticed that everyone who was part of the drama, and those who supported, did so with goodwill. Not everyone needs to be instructed; when there is space for self-development, responsibilities, and creativity grow and show up so well. Many involved in that drama loved their work, and this was clearly seen during the presentation. Children had overcome their stage fear; they enjoyed from preparation to the presentation.


My name is Soundhariya. I stand for courage for myself and others. When I worked with the Nayanmargal drama, I noticed the collaboration of teamwork with full potential. All the students were able to participate with courage and break their silos. So I felt very enthusiastic throughout the event.


My name is Sharmila, and I stand for courage and patience for myself and others.  Students of Isai Ambalam performed the “Nayanmargal drama” on the occasion of Sivarathri in Bharath Nivas. Stemland teachers volunteered to help them make their jewels and backdrops. On the day of presenting the drama, the students were all ready with their costumes, and the whole stage was filled with positivity and happiness. While seeing the children performing their roles, I felt very happy and accomplished. I had a wonderful experience and I’m happy to be a part of this drama.

Premkumar M:

My name is Premkumar Murugan. I stand for self-confidence and equality for myself and others. Through the Nanyanmargal drama, I have gained many new insights. I am extremely excited to witness the performance of the Nayanmargal story by the Isai children. I deeply appreciate the talent of these Isai children. When it comes to speaking or acting on stage, I often feel fearful due to my age. However, I am delighted and pleasantly surprised to see these young children act without any fear. Participating in this drama has been a truly enriching experience for me.


My name is Nithyasandhosh, I stand for kindness and equality to myself and others. I proudly supported “Nayanmargal” drama performed by the children of Isai Ambalam School. The children are performing drama in the center of the stage after a screenplay finished. we Dhinesh, Rajesh, and I eagerly worked together with the children to change the backdrop. I am so much involved in that drama. I am developing friendship with people and the children’s dedication and sense of responsibility filled me with joy.


My name is Tamil, and I stand for courage and compassion for myself and others. I have learned that education is not only about studies. Each individual has their own identity and capability. When multiple sources are provided to children, they get the opportunity to develop themselves and their confidence. As a teacher, I have learned that I need to involve other activities that include creativity and create space for children where they can explore themselves and learn. I supported drama sessions with involvement and took on responsibilities such as supporting the setup of the stage backdrop and preparing the pallaku. Later, I was assigned to make a video of the whole process. This video gives a brief view of the preparation, efforts, and goals of the people involved. I was happy to see this video during the performance.


My name is Premkumar I deeply care about for me and others. The drama was interesting and the students done it very well. The songs were sung in the background were very good. The acting of the children showed their full potential and the efforts were taken by them and the drama also showed the importance of team work which leads to success.


My name is Poovizhi and I deeply care about Equality and equity for myself and others.
After watching the drama, I learned about the stories of Nayanmars and their importance. The way the children performed was admirable; they were confident and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. They didn’t just act out the drama but also connected with the universal values behind the story. This connection made me think about spirituality in a deeper way, rather than just following blindly.

Sandhiya Bala:

My name is Sandhiya Bala, I deeply care about courage, care, and happiness for myself and others. I learned the dedication and confidence of each child’s effort . While I support the childen. I felt the spirituality in a deeper inner values of mine.


My Name is Duraisamy Pandurangan, I deeply care about dignity, wisdom and freedom for myself and others. After watching the drama performed by the children at Bharath Nivas, I had a wonderful experience. The story of Raja Raja Cholan and Maanikkavasagar deeply connects with values of wisdom and care.

Hackathon workshop on Electronics

~ Mathegramming team, Sundaresan, Sharmila, Poonguzhali, Jayabharathi, Ajay, Sri Bhavani, Duraisamy, Choudery

Learn the principles of Electronic and critical components

The core values of Mathegramming Academy are responsibility,equality,and courage to create.We (Mathegramming team) wanted Children to connect electronics to the world around them and they will relate Electronics to the Mathematics they have been learning.

Our team wanted to have the following shifts:

  • From Theory to Hands-On Practice
  • From classroom Learning to Real-World Exploration
  • From Confusion to Clarity in Learning
  • Moving from Being scared to trying new things to embracing new learning
  • From Disempowering isms like classism, groupism and genderism to equality and creative learning together

The Mathegramming Hackathon was set up to encourage creativity and learning at every stage. We conducted the workshop for around 40 children and the children were from different schools. Our team mixed the children from different schools. So that children got different perspectives, encouraging working together, increased their communicative skills.

We started the day with an reminder about our Stand and fears, by knowing what I stand for or care about I can transcend my fears and work at their full potential.

We talked about the difficulty in learning electronics

  • it is something we can see the impact of, but cannot see directly.
  • Most the terms are known but the distinction is unclear e.g. the power has come, is there voltage, is there current. and all used as synonyms. Related to this there are too many units that appear unrelated.
  • You can go over a large range of values – kilo ohms, to micro ampheres and requires some grounding in Engineering units and some Mathematics.

Then we dived into Electronics, by using the minimum mathematics of Multiplication and two hidden division stories. Using this simple idea, we introduced how to calculate power, current, Voltage, Charge, Energy. We also used only a few units for these that allows children to correlate between the quantities. We then applied this to our real life of understanding how much energy we consume. In time we analyzed how much energy would have been used to do the workshop itself on backup power and how much battery would have been used.

For resistance we use the concept of body resistance students and knew about their actual body resistance using multimeter with that they knew current and resistance were inversely proportional to each other and students also estimated that at what voltage they would get shock. Students checked if it is possible to light an LED through their body resistance (can you?) and also learned the importance of resistor in series with the LEDs.

From the Water Tank analogy students knew about the concept of voltage, current, resistance and energy. We introduced about the precautions while using multimeter for safety purpose. Students knew about how to use the multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and how to check the connectivity in the circuit. Students designed their own circuit for the required current flow in the circuit.

We introduced about the battery, resistor, LED, variable resistor, capacitor and also their symbols with that students knew about the symbols of the components.So,that they able to draw the circuit diagram and we showed the sensor(LDR) by showing the demo how it worked students gave different perspective how to use LDR for their circuit.Capacitor as a bucket if a battery is like a reservoir of charge by worked in it. Students knew that more the capacity in the capacitor more the charge it can hold and they saw the working of capacitor by charging using the battery and discharging using the LED.

When the challenges were allocated for each team I saw the enthusiasm with which children learn with engagement, We also saw team work worked well with different school students and each students shared their perspective and some students convenience why their perspective of approaching the problem was correct and some students struggled to understand and hesitated to do the task. students from different schools didn’t isolate themselves stepped up for their new friends worked as a team and got their output from that I saw the Leadership quality in that student and I saw a good team work among the students.

After the workshop came to an end students shared their learnings in the workshop and also shared what they learned about themselves in the workshop by doing the workshop I realised that we (Mathegramming team) added something useful to their life. We had many stdents who had not registered beforehand and our colleagues stepped up for us and supported us in organising the event and I saw the quality of care and that moment brought every one together.

Some of the reflections from our mentors in the workshop:

My name is Sundaresan,I stand for happiness and courage for myself and for others. While working with new children at the hackathon, I learned how to approach them effectively. I realized that I shouldn’t guide them with only wanting to win, but rather focus on their learning new skills and knowledge that will benefit in their future. I was impressed to see how they weren’t struggling with the calculation of power consumption of fans and lights, which showed me their strength in mathematics. Each child in my group has different talents: one excels in Scratch programming beyond my expectations, while another explains the project very well. Reflecting on this event, I recognized what I missed in my own childhood.

My name is Sharmila. I stand for courage and patience for myself and others. This electronic hackathon gave me a chance to contribute my knowledge to students regarding electronics. Students were excited and curious to know about electronics and how they are used in our daily lives. During the hackathon, the students quickly mingled with each other. They also shared their thoughts in the group while working on the tasks that we gave them. The hackathon showcased the values of equality, responsibility, and the courage to create. It demonstrated the transition from individual to group learning, with strong communication between mentors and mentees. Overall, the event emphasized the importance of electronics and their usage in our daily life.

My name is Poonguzhali I stand for courage for myself and others. I could see the values of STEM Land throughout the tournament: Equality responsibility and courage to create. I could see individual learning to group learning. There was good communication between the children and facilitators. We were breaking silos. The children were able to connect real-time examples with the electronic concepts.  I learned some basic electronics concepts from this workshop. It stimulated my interest to learn even more in the future. I felt excited throughout the event.

My name is Jayabharathi, I stand for Equality for myself and for others. The electronics hackathon helped me contribute my knowledge to the children. I was able to see the team work and the coordination among the children of different organizations. It helped me to bring out my universal values (care and confidence) into action. The curiosity of the children after each step of the experiments it helped me to develop my skills to teach them in a simplified manner. Apart from the technical part, children were able to mingle with each other very easily and they were able to help each other. The children were encouraging each other when other teams won the prize. I noticed that they were fostering leadership and i would also practice the same. This hackathon gave me an exposure to experience unity and curiosity with the team members as well as the children.

My name is Ajay, and I stand for love, happiness, and self-awareness for myself and others. My experience at the electronics hackathon with children was amazing. Initially, they learnt about themselves and then moved into the concept of energy consumption. They were able to calculate how much energy they used for the workshop and learnt about units of power, energy, current, and voltage in a different way. It turned into a tournament at the end. I found the part was finding out the body resistance of each member using a multimeter very interesting. As a team, we helped each other and took responsibility to claim the first prize for our team of children. We also assisted other teams’ children to complete their tasks so they could understand, what I learnt I have shared it with others.

My name is Sri Bhavani. I stand for Love and Equality for myself and others. In this Hackathon, our team created an opportunity for the children to work with other school children to get the essence of team work to achieve the goals. My favorite part in this event was that one representative was requested to share their learning to represent their team at random. In this, team members encouraged the team representative to share their team learnings. Children were able to notice their fears during presentation as well as competition, then they were also be able to still themselves to act from their values. Overall, children as well as facilitators enjoyed the event and Mathegramming team, all facilitators, and students acted from their full potential to make this event happen.

My name is Duraisamy, I stand for Dignity, wisdom and freedom for myself and others. Mentoring kids about electronics and how they’re part of everyday life is something new for them. Understanding the different parts and symbols is a first step. It helps them see how things work and sparks their curiosity to learn more. Explaining electronics to kids in simple terms not only helps them understand the world around them but also encourages them to explore and ask questions. It’s important to lay a basic foundation that they can build upon as they grow, fostering a lifelong interest in learning and discovery.

My name is Choudery. I stand for justice and equality for my self and others. In the electronics tournament I just came to have a look how children were doing. Then I sat with a team at random. I have noticed children are curious to learn electronics and doing their tasks one by one. Then I start to teach a child and explain how seven segment display works. One child understood the logic behind the seven-segment display and started to do it by own. This made the other children in the team to curious. The children came to me and ask how to do. Then I ask the children to ask the child who was doing it. The team them learned from him. Here I noticed the curiosity of learning, peer learning and teamwork. This electronic workshop and tournament really helpful for children to have more ideas and thoughts about how the real world working with electronics.