Radical transformational leadership session reflection

Dharani, who is a Stemland volunteer her reflection on Stewardship program.

My name is Dharani. I stand for perseverance, courage, and equality for myself and others. This is my first RTL session and I learnt so many tools which lead to a transformation in me. In this session, I got to learn about my Stand and fear, my four profiles, background conversations, and deep listening. It helped me in identify my universal values and my stand. I gained an understanding of my fears and how to overcome them. I acquired knowledge of conquering my background conversations which degrades my performance by implementing a deep listening to situations.

On the first day of the session, I pursued that my universal values lie within me and I must try to figure them out and stand within. I did the instructed exercises in the session which helped me figure out my values and started working with them in my projects.

The next day I read up on the four important profiles – wisdom profile, social profile, personality profile, and professional profile. I became competent in my wisdom profile and realized to respect the four profiles of others by not being biased or being judgemental ensuring diversity.

On the third day of the session, I assimilated to handle my background conversations. Whenever I m into a situation I may get the following background conversations like right /wrong, agreeable or not, sometimes finding a flaw in an issue, thought of not responsible, Us/them, either this or that, this is not enough likewise. They may lead me to prejudices and make a decision accordingly. But I grasped that I should ignore all these and have a deep listening to the situations and make a decision.

On the last day of the session, a movie named 12 Angry men was played and insights were to be made on it. From the movie, I grasped that I should stand with my universal value on how hard the situation may be. I should not be judgemental based on one’s social, professional, and personality profile. If I m preoccupied with background conversations like prejudices it lets me down. So I should have a deep listening to the situation before I make a decision.

Overall, I acquired skills of being a leader and taking leadership by standing with my universal values. Standing with my inner potential guides me to overcome fear and background conversations. Hence I can perform well and groom myself. I felt privileged to attend this session.

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