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DAY 2:

Session 1:

On day 2 we (We refers to STEMland Team) started with Stewardship tool (Deep listen tool (S4NE)). Arun and Poovizhi processed insights from yesterday session. Here is the insights from yesterday session (Day1) and they started the deep listening tool. Arun and Poovizhi processed insights on next day(Day3) for the deep listen tool.

Stand and fear (Day 1):

Insights from Participants:

  • I noticed my fear and when I noticed my fear I want to be the best I can do.
  • Is better to notice my fear first.
  • I acknowledge it and the steps to transcend my fear.
  • I learnt to notice my stand.
  • I noticed my strength and weakness.
  • I started to practise the steps to release my fear.

Stand and Fear

Background conversation (Day 2):

  • Usually I think what to command and what to suggest now I realised my background conversation and was able to put down my background conversation.
  • Able to listen deeply.
  • Learnt to listen deeply.
  • Learnt to be aware of the background conversation and quiet it and also able to listen others.
  • Learnt to listen deeply and it helped me to have better relationship with others.
  • If I knew something and other person is conveying the same I won’t even listen to them but I realised to listen deeply also I was able to learn new which I did not know before.


Deep listening

Session 2:

After the stewardship session we started with planning. Usually in STEM land children use to plan for a week and they will work according to their plan. Similarly we want the participants (Participants refer to teachers) to start with everyday planning and everyday assessment. The participants filled their plan and assessed on their own.


Before starting the technical session we had project presentation by the participants. It helped us to see the participants progress. Then we started the technical session on scratch. We have used advanced scratch software which is scratch version 3. The participants installed the software before coming to the course. It helped us to save time. Participants started using new version of scratch and we started the basics in scratch. On first day they learnt to use sensing and making story. On second we want to involve little with mathematics. We gave small small task to everyone for example: Draw Shapes, Stories, Mandala and maze game.

Here are the projects created by the participants.

1. Maze game

2. Story

3. Happy birthday music

4. Interactive shop

Session 3:

Every afternoon we start with watching video which is related to our work. On second day we played Isai Ambalam school movie which is created by Auroville Pictures.

Session 4:

In the technical session we started to learn mathematical problem through projects. Making a projects with help of scratch3. The participants were able to get the concept first then the participants started to design the project using scratch3. During the there were many questions from the participants and we were able to answer the questions and were able to support the participants. We also gave homework to the participants.

Pie-chart project presented by the facilitator.

Concentric circle project presented by the facilitator.

We end with the quotation.