Fruits and vegetables drawing

~Santhosh and Sandhiya

Drawing is a process that all children naturally engage in, from the time they first discover they can hold a crayon.

I have collaborated with English Teacher, she was teaching spelling of fruits and vegetables for 3rd grade.She said she was finding difficulty in children to identify names of fruits and vegetables even though they can spell it after teaching.So we decided to make children to draw, colour so that it helps to retain in their memory.

Children were given names of fruits and vegetables in English class and later practiced them in Drawing class by drawing, coloring and naming them.We noticed that children were more engaged and enjoyed while learning English through Drawing.

Material Required/Tools:-

  • Pencils
  • colors crayons
  • sketches

In the above picture, vegetables were drawn on the board and asked the children to identify the vegetable and write the spelling of it.

In the above picture, Fruits were drawn on the board .

The outcomes of learning this art form in the students:

  • Children learned Fruits and vegetable names
  • They can identify
  • They can draw
  • They can Spell

Various benefits include the following skills:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Self-confidence
  • Fine and gross muscle development
  • Observation

In the above picture:-

Step 1 : drawing it

Step 2 : writing the spelling.

Step 3 : Colouring.

Step 4 : sketching the outline.