Light Experiments with Students of Isai Ambalam

After a long time I got a opportunity to work with Physics materials… This week I planned to take Light lesson to 7th graders of Isai Ambalam. I’ve started with mind map for Light and then moved on to mirrors. Later I asked the students to look at their text books’ pictures ( Light lesson) without reading anything and then we started a discussion on ‘ What did I get on seeing the pictures?’.  It was a nice discussion where all the students started to say something related to the light and mirrors. They even talked about virtual oasis condition and stated it as a virtual image (thus they almost covered the Light lesson’s concepts which given in their text book).

IMG_20160727_121247988 IMG_20160727_121301882 IMG_20160728_101259259_HDR IMG_20160728_102652040

I brought some lenses and mirrors ( both concave and convex )from STEMLAND . It made them to observe the differences between Concave and Convex  lenses (or mirrors). We did few experiments with light. These brought me to my childhood days.. Next day, a student ( Praba karan) brought a broken torch light and told that ‘ This must have made by Concave lens as it is spreading out the light everywhere’. Totally, my class on Light went well with these kids… I also felt something different this time.