Projects to demonstrate the Mathematical concepts

In the first term, I asked the children to build Mathematical projects based on their curriculum. That was the first time they were forced to think beyond their limits and not just solve them in their notebooks.

Most of the children made four projects (a project from each chapter) in Scratch. Amongst them, four students built entirely different projects. The thought process was entirely different and I will share that on my next blog. Almost all the projects were similar where interactive models were created. The reason behind that was all the children followed one of their friends who built a project on measurements but each had different styles.

From this I learned that the children actually needed some basic models to create projects. I created two projects for the children which inspired them. One of my projects was to demonstrate multiplication of Algebraic Expression and the other one was to plot graphs based on user’s input.

I am really happy to notice that the children started working and they are building projects using my code as a base.