Reflecting on my Previous year 7th Graders

Today I went to Isai Ambalam with the plan of starting Gardening ( Sat school – every Saturday, interested children will come to learn/build something new). At the end of the session, Varsha ( Old student of IsaiAmbalam) came to me to say ‘Hi’. It was very pleasant for me to see her back.

Kameshwari, Valarkavi, Varsha ( From left to right )

The reason was, the choice was her’s and she chose to attend the Sat school. I thought the Sat school contributed something to her, which she felt valuable. Which made to come back and took part in all the activities.

Out of curiosity about my children,  I asked her “How everything is going?”.  She smiled and replied back saying ” We are rocking there”. She continued, ” Valarkavi, Kameshwari and I going to Gandhi school, where the teachers initially little hesitated to give admission ( I’m not sure of what was her interpretation) as we are from unregistered school. Later, they have been saying that the students from IsaiAmbalam are doing very well in all the subjects. Totally they have three sessions in 8th grade. Kameshwari got into section A, Valarkavi – section B, I’m in section C. We all three are really doing well there.”

I felt this was the answer to the question which I have been asking myself for the last few weeks. Which was why am I here.