Savarayalu 8th Grade Class 20170220

The class started with sharing of what they had learned and the homework from the previous class :

  • Are able to use to ask questions and get answer in the sprite.
  • Are able to move an object using arrow keys and create a maze game.


  • The class started by introducing pen operator and the functions in it.

Task given in class:

  • The task was to use the pen function and draw line by the object in the maze game to find out whether the object is moving smoothly or hardly.
  • Then the children worked in pairs with each other and also with their teacher on the pen function and were able to draw line when the object moved.

At the end of the class we shared what was the new things they had learned and how they felt:

  • They said they were happy, joy and proud when they learn new things.
  • Pen functions.
  • Location of X and Y.


  • The children were given homework to draw a circle, square and triangle using pen function.

Naveen: I would like to be more rigorous in being prepared for the class and to check their homework.