Taj Mahal Project with Isaiambalam Students

The children at Isaimbalam school had been given a task to construct  a model of the Taj Mahal. They had split into two groups of 4 (boys and girls mixed). The students started by gathering information on how, where, when, whom,.. the monument was constructed, while doing so the children had engaged themselves in surfing the internet and were happy with what they had gathered. Once information was available the first group had started to build a clay model, and second group got into paper mache.

IMG_3823 IMG_3858This project was designed by Prathap, he had based this model upon Education By Design. Where children actively engage themselves towards the project. In building so they have added their knowledge from various resources. The following pictures shows the Monument getting to life.
TIMG_3860 IMG_3857 IMG_3831 IMG_3825 IMG_3822 IMG_3819 IMG_3854 IMG_3850 IMG_3848Project took two weeks to complete and this is how it looks now.

photo 1 photo 2

Reg: Prathap