Integral learning-Whatup’s Integers


We have started to learn and discover the different ways of how Integers can be looked at.
Following are some ideas children can work on, It is totally up to the students on what they would like to build.

  1. To be able to tell stories of +, -, *, /
  2. To know different stories with Othello ++,+-,-+,– and link it with multiplication
  3. To be able to determine angles 180-theta and 360 – theta
  4. To be able to know special integers (Pythagorean triples)
  5. To be able to show a number on the number line
  6. Be able to write a scratch program to show the target game
  7. Using Ganit mala be able to explain how to get to the target.
  8. To be able to divide integers to get a fraction
  9. To know repeated addition is multiplication
  10. To know repeated multiplication is powers
  11. Squares and cubes of integers

Children can come up with projects, stories, modules explaining the same with a short 3 to 4mins videos.

This event starts on the 20/08/2019 and comes to a close 31/08/2019.

In Isai Ambalam, 7th -grade students taught the Integers addition, subtraction using a Number line, Othello, Gaint mala and also explained the addition and subtraction using the staircase to 5th-grade.


Vasanth and Sandhiya supported the children to share their learning.


In 7th-grade, each person took 2 children and explained the integers addition and subtraction. 5th- grade was keep asking the question and learned the integers using the math materials.

5th-grade students wrote the English scripts about what they learned in Integers and get corrected with Nirmala, and shared the integers with our classmates.