Learned @ STEM Land



Everyday I am learning new things. This week I have learned to display my name using a 7-segment display and then I made it blink my name using an Oscillator and Arduino programming. The components used were a 7-segment display, resistor(1kilo ohm), battery(9v) and wires. Using these components I have made my name. The picture below shows shows my name using 7-segment display.

For oscillator we need two transistors, four resistors (1kilo ohm,18kilo ohm(depends upon the frequency)), capacitor (1uf or 2.2uf or 10uf). In arduino the 13th pin is for LED and the 22nd pin is for ground. Using this components I have made my name to blink. Here is a video for blinking my name using an Oscillator.


I attended a Stewardship for New Emergence workshop.. In that workshop I was able to find who I am. From that workshop I have learned the difference between who am I and my name. When I told that I am Saranya, Ahmed stopped me and said that his name is Ahmed and he is greater than his name. I stand for love and happiness for myself and others I discovered this from the workshop.


On Jan 24th and 25th we went to Indira Gandhi higher secondary school for the Learning festival. This is the first time a Learning festival has happened in Puducherry. In this learning festival I have learned  how to lead a session for students. This was the first time I have taught electronics to the students. It was nice experience with students and teachers. After the session we went to the other sessions and what they are teaching. I went to a class where I  learned how to make a soap and how to use some things in a several ways(for an example, rope  can be used for skipping(play), suicide, to dry a cloths, to lift something heavy weighted (taking water from the well) etc….). I have met different kind of students. Many students were interested to do electronics. In that festival I motivated them a lot. When they made a mistake I did not help them. I asked them to recheck their connection and after that they checked their connection. They informed me where they made  made a mistake. From that I understood that I should  let them struggle then only they will learn by their own. Finally the Education Minister of Puducherry Mr.V.Narayanaswamy came and visited our session. He saw what the students did with Electronics. Many students did their name and some of the students did their school name. It was good experience.