Passed out children: Mindstorm using scratch3


2018 and 2019 passed out children 4 of them (Ajay, Rathnavelu, Sathish and Kbilan) came to learn something new in STEM land. They saw that we were working on scratch 3 using mindstorm so they also want to learn scratch 3 using mindstorm. They learned the mindstorm at STEM land also they already familiar with mindstorm.  But they didn’t know how control the robot by using scratch 3.

Scratch 3 is a newer version of scratch. It has some new features. Which is controlling Arduino, Mindstorm and translator. They built hand and leg using mindstorm. They connected the mindstorm and scratch 3 through Bluetooth.  Children did coding in scratch 3 and they have control the robot. It was wonderful that children were utilising there time in learning. Even though they graduate to other schools they were able to retain what they have learned in STEM land.