From Dusty Bowl to Fishy Paradise!

We work on beautifying our campus at Udavi. Do you all remember that old conical cement slab lying left outside the office by the last residents? I had a vision of turning it into a small pond, and with the help of a few friends in an organization, we dug the soil and found some granite stones. We utilized them and placed them around the plants to make them visually amazing. We washed the slab and placed it in the hole we dug, filling it with water.

The next day, I brought a lotus plant and soil from my village pond, poured the soil in, and planted the lotus. To enhance its appearance, we also added four fish we caught from the kitchen pond. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.

About three months later, I got a lily from Uthamaraj Anna and planted it in the pond. Now, the lily started to bloom with a beautiful white and purple colour. The population of fish inside the pond drastically increased, and now more than 40 fish are swimming around. With the sunlight, the little pond we made looks so appetizing to the eyes.

Every four or five days, I added more water to the pond. It was not just for the fish but also for birds, dogs, and cows to drink from it. Sometimes, the water would go down a lot when the big cows drank a bunch, but I always made sure to fill it up again. This way, it helped all the animals around by giving them water to drink.

Our old cement bowl, once lonely and forgotten, is now a mini-pond wonderland. It serves as a reminder that even the dullest things can transform into something magical with a little love, care, and sunshine. So, the next time you encounter a neglected old thing or a dusty pot, remember: a bit of imagination and some friendly plants can turn it into a joyful oasis!