Insights from One Straw Revolution

As part of the Becoming and Being a Shifu program we have time put aside for reading books. I read the One Straw Revolution. After reading the book, the first thing that I noticed is how I can think differently about problems. When I start to think differently, I can see a lot of options, and I can go with the best one which is helpful to all. The other insight is the gap between thought and action is the most important to fill. Implementing an idea may be difficult, but one man’s effort can become revolution among all the people. Implementation: I have already done farming, but in the normal way that people use today with chemicals and fertilizers. But now I would like to do
farming in a very natural way as practiced by Masanobu Fukuoka in
one straw revolution after completing the Becoming and Being a Shifu program.
Book reading:
Book reading improves my communication skills and also helps me understand new ideas and their meaning of the context and comprehend any passage that I read or hear.