One year journey in STEMland

My name is Dharani. I deeply care about perseverance and equity for myself and others. It has been a year of learning in STEM this has been a shift from the management training that I was going through before I came here. Learning in STEM can be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding in this blog I share my journey.

I joined STEMland as a volunteer and later joined the working team. I learned scratch programming, GeoGebra, puzzles, and games. Then I started working on codifying STEMland. Now I m part of an exciting online mentorship program Mathegramming Academy.

I was introduced to the Radical Transformational program by STEMland for the first time.  I had positive experiences with learning Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) and filling out a CFSR. I have become more time-conscious, which is an essential skill in STEM and in life in general. It underwent significant personal growth and transformation through learning and practicing RTL. The principles of RTL, such as believing in the dignity and worth of all people, embodying a mindset of abundance and sufficiency, and practicing a commitment to integrity and authenticity, had a profound impact on me and the organization. By learning to fill out a CFSR and becoming more time conscious, I have developed valuable skills that help me succeed in STEM. I continue to embrace the principles of RTL in my personal and professional life.

STEM developed many skills like Critical thinking, Creativity, Perseverance, and Collaboration in me.

One of the most important qualities that I have incorporated into my life during my journey in STEMland is perseverance. STEM is a challenging field, and there are inevitably times when I encounter obstacles or setbacks. However, by persevering through these challenges, I developed resilience and grit that serves well in all aspects of my life.

Another quality that I have developed during your STEM journey is critical thinking and asking questions. In STEM, it is essential to be able to analyze complex problems and come up with innovative solutions. By developing critical thinking skills, I’m equipped to tackle challenges and find creative ways to solve them.

Finally, my journey in STEMland has likely taught me the value of collaboration and teamwork. STEM is a highly collaborative field, and many of the most significant breakthroughs in science and technology are the result of teams of people working together. By learning to work effectively with others, I learned to achieve my goals and make a positive impact in the world.

I learned time management and I notice my integrity being held throughout my endeavors. I got opportunities to learn more about Auroville and take part in meditations. I learned many things through peer learning and helped myself with the insights from fellow mates to groom better. I learned to take feedback for growth.

Overall, my one-year journey in STEMland was full of exciting opportunities and valuable experiences. I learned that staying committed to learning is the way to achieve the goals in STEM and I continue exploring.