The Possible Missing Ingredients in Engineering Higher Education

The Possible Missing Ingredients in Engineering Higher Education – Mastering Self, Agency to Shift Disempowering Norms and Socialization, and Mastering Technical Skills

Context and Autoethnography

  • We are youth who completed our engineering bachelors from rural colleges.At the end of our bachelor’s, we found that we lacked skills and any specific guidance on meaningful employment or life.
  •  This research paper represents our experience in Becoming and Being a Shifu (Master) program (BnB Shifu) is a 1-year residential program where we experienced being our full potential and developing the five minds of the future not addressed in college.
  • Autoethnography offers a way of giving strength and voice to personal
    experience to extend social understanding of being.
  • We feel that the autoethnography methodology based on our reflections is appropriate for this paper as we are addressing the lack of reflection in youth and our education system. We hope the multiple (five) reflections reduce the weakness of autoethnography of not being general enough.