Savarayalu 8th Grade Class 20170223:

Savarayalu 8th Grade Class  20170223:

The class started with what they had learn t new form the previous class:

  1. Change pen size
  2. Pen shade
  3. Point in direction
  4. Equal to operator
  5. Go back one layer

Then the homework was shared ie:

  1. Square
  2. Triangle
  3. Circle

They had updated the programs by using:

  1. Set sprite center
  2. Go to origin in the start of every program and use clear

Task given in class:

  1. Create score and increase it for every right answer
  2. Decrease score for every wrong answer or reset to 0
  3. Create a repeat until loop for each of the if else conditions (Were not able to complete)

Home work Given:

  1. Complete the program so that it only moves to the next answer if the present one is correct and use repeat until.
  2. Draw a circle of given radius

At the end of the class we shared what was the new things they had learned:

  1. Set sprite center
  2. Go to origin in the start of every program and use clear
  3. Variable(Score)
  4. Change by one, and set
  5. Repeat Until

Sundar: I would like to be more rigorous in allotting time for each task, and indulge teachers to what they have learn t in each class and participate in group sharing.

Prathap: I would like to be rigorous in maintaining a data base of the Scratch programs.


Prathap and Sundar

Activate SqLite Database in Visual Studio 2015

If SqLite does not show up on the server explorer even after installing System.Data.Sqlite package in Visual Studio 2015,

You’ve just got a couple steps backwards.

The issue is that the System.Data.Sqlite package includes VC++ Update 2, but you’ve already got the newer Update 3 installed. Rather than recognize there’s already a newer version installed, all the setup program sees is that installing U2 failed and bails out. So, we need to let it do its thing and install the U2 package to get past that point:

  1. Uninstall “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) – 14.0.24212”

  2. Install the Sqlite package

  3. THEN re-install Update 3

 Savarayalu 8th Grade Class  – 03/03/2017

The class started with sharing what they learned in the last class:

  1. Function
  2. Variables
  3. how to draw a circle.
  4. Perimeter

Homework from last class:

  1. They completed how to draw a circle and check how many circles can be drawn around a circle with the same diameter touching each other.
  2. I introduce how to draw the above concept in a          different way.
  3. Children were able to draw the circle that i introduced to them.
  4. Then I told them to see the program that our Udavi children made.
  5. Students were interested to do the pie chart program.
At the end of the class they shared what new things they learned:

  1. Pie chart
  2. How to find square root.
  3. In Algebra they learnt LCM from the program.
  4. How to do percentage.

Rigorous: I would like to be rigorous in explaining the program.

Home work:

To look Udavi children program.


Savarayalu 8th Grade Class – 20/02/17

We started by sharing what they learned new from last class. We asked about what did in the last class and also asked about the homework. All student answered that they were able to do the dialogue well. Then we started the class by introducing the pen down and pen up commands today. we showed the program of the ball game and asked them to use pen down command and to follow the path that they created. The children wrote down the commands in their notebook. Then the children sat in pairs and started to code. Some were confused with the motion x-axis and y-axis commands and then I asked some question and made them to find the correct answer. Most of them did well and they understood what the code was doing. They also saved their work in a separate directory under the shared folder. The children coded for almost an hour. We concluded by sharing what they learned today and how they felt. Some children said that they had learned about pen shade, pen down, set pen color, pen size. We gave them a homework to draw a square, triangle and a circle and also gave some hints how to make.I would like to be more rigorous in checking their homework. Sorry I didn’t check the homework.


Controlling a single LED using two switches

During the electronic class that is held on every Wednesday afternoon at STEMLAND, Muthu had built a circuit and figured out how to control a LED using two switch model.

His working prototype is as follows:

IMG_20170215_135159801_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20170215_135214467

Video of his prototype:

Building structures with the 5th and 6th graders

Along with the students of Udavi school, we together were exploring shapes. They used the straws to build their shape with the constraints provided.

  1. Using 12 equal straws, and to build 8 equal squares
  2. Using 6 equal straws, and build 4 equal triangles
  3. Using 8 equal straws of one kind and 4 equal straws of another, and to build 2 equal squares and 4 equal rectangle.
  4. Using 8 equal straws, and to build 4 equal triangles and 1 square

5th and 6th grades: The students stared off figuring out in teams:

IMG_20170112_112353852 IMG_20170112_112411565 IMG_20170112_112417874 IMG_20170112_112429786 IMG_20170112_112441556_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20170112_112527684 IMG_20170112_112541271 IMG_20170112_112702819 IMG_20170112_112709690 IMG_20170112_113536231

Using 12 equal straws, and to build 8 equal squares:

IMG_20170112_113812026_BURST001 IMG_20170112_113954418

Using 6 equal straws, and build 4 equal triangles


IMG_20170112_112924635Using 8 equal straws of one kind and 4 equal straws of another, and to build 2 equal squares and 4 equal rectangle.

IMG_20170118_101135532_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20170118_100034772_HDR IMG_20170118_100513582Then the students came up with their own constraints and built the following: