Savarayalu 8th Grade Class – 20/02/17

We started by sharing what they learned new from last class. We asked about what did in the last class and also asked about the homework. All student answered that they were able to do the dialogue well. Then we started the class by introducing the pen down and pen up commands today. we showed the program of the ball game and asked them to use pen down command and to follow the path that they created. The children wrote down the commands in their notebook. Then the children sat in pairs and started to code. Some were confused with the motion x-axis and y-axis commands and then I asked some question and made them to find the correct answer. Most of them did well and they understood what the code was doing. They also saved their work in a separate directory under the shared folder. The children coded for almost an hour. We concluded by sharing what they learned today and how they felt. Some children said that they had learned about pen shade, pen down, set pen color, pen size. We gave them a homework to draw a square, triangle and a circle and also gave some hints how to make.I would like to be more rigorous in checking their homework. Sorry I didn’t check the homework.