Learn Scratch

Scratch is a simple programming language where one need to stick the codes together to make it work.

For those who wants to learn the basics of Scratch can enroll them self in the following course.
Basic Scratch Course

Try these tasks:

1. Use ‘sensing’ and ‘=’ operators to ask 10 questions. When the wrong answer is typed, the same question should be asked again until the user gives the correct answer. Reference  http://www.auraauro.com/?p=2134

2. Ask 20 questions. Create score and increase it for every right answer. Decrease score for every wrong answer or reset to 0. Create a repeat until loop for each of the if else conditions.
Reference  http://www.auraauro.com/school/2184/

3. Create a maze game. Reference http://www.auraauro.com/school/savarayalu-8th-grade-class-20170220-2/

4. Draw a circle of given radius. Reference  http://www.auraauro.com/school/2184/

5. Draw a circle, square and triangle using pen function. Reference http://www.auraauro.com/school/savarayalu-8th-grade-class-20170220-2/


If you want any help regarding the Scratch program you can go to the “HELP” which present in the right top corner of the screen denoted as a question mark. When you press that you will see following three tabs.

  • Step-by-Step
  • How To
  • Blocks

This three will be helpful for the beginners. Also here I’m attaching the help Docx file

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