Rubik’s Cube – The viral in StemLand

We started to build the robot to solve rubik’s cube with python as platform in the STEM land. At that time Yuvaraj (8th grader) wanted to solve it. He searched for the algorithm to solve rubik’s cube. It took him 3 classes to solve the cube for the first time by following the steps. He was very happy and excited about his work and he showed it to other students also. Initially they were all looked at him as Genius and that moment made him to to solve the cube without looking at the algorithm after the continuous one week of hard work with passion. Suddenly, this made an impact in STEM land activities. Every child  wanted to learn it but the bad news was we had only one cube in the STEM at that time. So Sanjeev bought some cubes (bumb cubes, speed cubes and 4×4 cube) for STEM land through Asha grant. Almost all the students started to work on it. They helped each other to solve it regardless of grades. Presently there are 18 students who can solve rubik’s cube and few students can solve less than 2 minutes. For me its all about inspiration. None of us  asked Yuvaraj to solve it but he took the effort on seeing us building robot. No one asked other students to pick it up  but they picked it up on seeing Yuvaraj solving the cube. This is how STEM land works….  The following video was demonstrated by Rathinavelu.