Learning division

Children felt very difficult to understand what division is and why we do it. They were been explained with the fraction kit using the test tubes and the colourful beads. Using the fraction kit they learnt to divide things to number of people and was easy for them to understand the concept of division and where we apply it. They learnt division so easily by playing with the kit and were enjoying while learning it. 

Dynamic image changing and JavaScript debugging

I and my  colleague are creating a software to track the students plan regarding their progress in their academic . In that we wanted to upload the students pictures when they select their name. I learnt to deal with dynamic images and to debug the code in JavaScript using

<div class=”animptext” id=”animptext”>This is just a text I want to change </div>

document.getElementById(“animptext”).innerHTML = standard;

3rd standard kids ambitions and their eagerness to learn things

Today I did an activity with 3rd standard kids in making a chick with colour papers and at the same time they learnt different shapes such as cylinder, triangle, square and rectangle. They all were so energetic and enthusiastic to see their chick at the end after doing all the cutting and sticking activities. They all learnt it so eagerly and were so happy to see what they made and ran out of the class to show it to their friends and shared their experience in doing it. In the second session the kids closed their eyes for few minutes and identified their goal and drew themselves showing how they would be when they achieve their goals. Some of their goal was to become a teacher and some wanted to become a police. It was so cute and proud to see our future leaders drawing themselves and their dreams to achieve things.