Children Kingdom


Friday (27/04/2018 )was the last sleep over at Isai Ambalam school. Few children’s were in the youth center I don’t know, What they were doing in the youth center. They were took by josh one who is volunteering at Isai Ambalam school and udavi school. I heard about like some sports thing is happening. So I preferred  to go youth center because I want to know what’s happening there exactly. I went there it was like wow!!!!!

Children’s were playing big seesaw, bull ride, tree house, one was like roller coaster and  reverse bicycle etc..  I wonder about the children because their everything is  big but the children does’t have the fear. I can see from the children face. They were saying it was fun and very happy because they were experiencing the joy of youth center. I observed it after that I asked myself that do you want to see or do you want to experience it. And I decided to experience it because we should not accept anything by other’s saying. Because their experience is different our experience is different. When I experienced it, I really felt happy and the experience was very different and fun.  This is the one valuable thing I learned about myself. If I could have miss that opportunity I may missed to learn about myself. So from that I understood one thing about me is “I don’t accept what other’s  saying I will experience it .