Ground water model

As a part of their water EBD children made a model for ground water. We got a broken aquarium from Kavitha (Head teacher of Isaiambalam).

Step 1: We placed three compressed bricks inside the aquarium to hold the mesh. We left a space for the water to be collected which is the Aquifer.

Step 2: We placed the mesh on top of the bricks.

Step 3: We put a layer of pebbles.

Step 4: We put few layers of different soils to represent soil layers under earth.

Step 5: Poured water on the top and after sometime it got collected between the bricks which represented Aquifer.

Ground water model with Aquifer at the bottom of the tank
Pouring water which represents rain
Again pouring water
Water droplets get collected in the Aquifer after sometime
Children were thrilled to see water drops being collected at the bottom which gave them some idea of ground water, Aquifer and water collection.