Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays

The start of the Saturday classes in Isaiambalam School has enabled a lot of different exposures with various people to the children. Some of the elder students wanted to model Sanjeev’s house with plywood. Then the list was made to buy the materials required and the students came up with the following:

  1. Saw                    x 2
  2. Hammer           x 2
  3. Sand paper      x 1m
  4. Chisel                x 1

But then we decided to use the old chisel that i had already in my arsenal, Sharpening so it was.

IMG_20170401_095104004 IMG_20170401_095048873

Once the chisel was ready

IMG_20170401_101225374 IMG_20170401_101245610

We started to carve in the windows with the correct dimensions, we took a ratio of 1:10 and descaled the House for the wood model.

Then came the task to build a real door, the children kept on a halt the house model and started to inspect room that required the door and it continued to the next class;

The old mushroom shaped room with no door:

We decided to build a door with some unused wood that was ageing without a purpose. This gave the children a view into measurement. They started out by measuring the dimensions of the door and marked the appropriate onto the wood. Then came the challenge of what joint to select, and we selected an open mortise with a pinned corner.

mortise-and-tenon-joint corner_through_mortise_and_tenon_joint

So began the sawing, hammering, and chiseling works 🙂



We wanted to make the joints perfect and decided to carve the wood to have a

In Isai Ambalam school on Saturdays many activities are done with the students. Last Saturday we did carpentry, gardening. Some learnt electronics and some played strategy games in Isai Ambalam Stemland. We also use math for measuring the wood. We also taught how to cut the wood with a saw.