My first Blog

This is my first blog and I am going to share what I learnt in STEMLand. I learnt the basic connections in a breadboard and about seven segment display. There are two types of seven segment displays, they are Common Anode(CA) and Common Cathode(CC). I figured out the differences I was able to display my name with the use of wires, resistors, battery and breadboard. It was a new experience for me and I learnt a lot..

After displaying the name, I learnt how to turn on off a LED bulb by building an oscillator. Then  connected both the circuits and made my name blink. I was able to find the voltage across a resistor by using a multimeter.


In the Learning Festival held at Indira Gandhi Government Higher Secondary School in Pondicherry, I learnt more about the SSD’s. We We held a session for the students and the goal was to write their names on the SSD’s. It was a good and happy experience working with students. I visited other sessions where different people from various background had come They made handmade soap, art using coconut shell, naturally made tooth powder, clay works and many more.

I learnt how to interact with students in many different ways, for solving problems in maths, I also got the opportunity to interact with Swati: she introduced us the chocolate plate method for solving questions in division which was new and interesting to solve.