My first experience in stem land as volunteer

Jan 22 is my first day as volunteer in STEM land. On that day, we attended the stewardship workshop along with the children in Udavi. The first session was on sourcing inner power where I was able to process my stand and fear. I noticed that my stand  supports me, when I face failure and losing something. I have also got an answer of why I am in STEM land.

The next day at isai ambalam school, i figured out that i want to learn more about who i am and what makes me complete being. In afternoon, we had a meeting with heidi regarding regarding the research papers based on what is done in STEM land. During the session she taught us  how we could conduct an effective survey with the children. Then i learned to display names using 7-segment LED displays and to blink them using astable multi-vibrator.

On Jan 24th and 25th we went to Indira Gandhi higher secondary school for Learning festival. I felt really happy when i was helping children to display their names using 7-segment LED displays. Initially  some children didn’t understand english and were not interested in it. I guided them step by step in their mother tongue. Then they showed lot of interest and become familiar with me. At end of each session, all childrens are able to display their names using 7-segment LED displays and also understand, why human get stock when they touch power cable in their house but not with TV remote battery. They learned how resistor controls current in circuit with analogy of rubber shoe while working with power line. Finally they became expert in displaying their name in LEDs and they became teachers for their teachers.